Deleted Scene from IF YOU STAY

16 Feb

So… you guys did it!!  You pushed me into the top ten on Amazon. As of this morning, If You Stay is sitting at #9!! (If you’re looking at the product page. If you look at the best-seller’s list, it’s #8!!)    Ohmygosh!!  I am so grateful to you. Thank you so, so much!!

True to my word, I am posting the deleted scene from IF YOU STAY below.   It’s just a small way for me to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   Please note, I deleted this scene from the book because it is pretty steamy.  It is most definitely intended for mature readers.  Please don’t read it if you aren’t mature.  Haha.

And thank you again, SO MUCH, for being so awesome.


Pax’s eyes are my undoing.  They always have been and I’m guessing they always will be.  They are so warm right now, warmer than I’ve ever seen them and my legs shake when his hand skims the top of my thigh.

He raises an eyebrow, returning his gaze to the road.

“Hmm.  You seem to be a bit bothered, Miss Hill.  Any reason why?”

And of course his hand is still moving as he speaks.  His fingers have found me now; shoving my panties to the side, plunging inside of me and filling me up.  I lean into his hand.

“Not anything in particular,” I manage to answer raggedly.  “Not really.”

Pax chuckles and then abruptly withdraws his hand, sliding his index finger into his mouth, licking it clean.

“You taste as sweet as you look, “ he tells me, before he swerves off the highway and into an empty parking lot next to the beach.

He throws the car into park and lunges out his car door.  I am bewildered for just a scant moment, until he throws my door open and pulls me out, scooping me into his arms.  We are immediately surrounded by the night, by the crash of the waves, by the starlight from overhead.  The night feels almost dangerous, just like the night we met.

Before I know it, he is striding down the sand and I am dangling from his arms.  I run my fingers along his taut bicep.

“I can walk, you know,” I tell him.

“And I can carry you,” he answers back.  “This way, I get to grope your ass.”

He winks down at me and my heart flutters.  He isn’t even out of breath.

Ahead of us, rising out of the darkness, sits a darkened building; where the lifeguard stand is and where the restrooms are housed for this beach.  There is no one there now and Pax heads immediately for a low ledge that runs along the outside.

He sits me upon it and pushes me backward until I am sprawled in front of him.  He pulls off my pants without preamble, and then my shirt.  The night air causes goose-bumps to immediately form on my skin.

“I’ve got to taste more of you,” Pax growls as he takes off his shirt and then presses into me, devouring the side of my neck.  His warmth is delicious. “I’ve wanted you all day.”

“Someone could see us,” I gasp, as I feel his taut muscles flex into me.  “Someone might be here.”

Pax pauses.  It is utterly silent, but for the sound of the water and the lonely ring of a bell from a bobbing buoy nearby.

He grins.

“Doubtful.  There’s no one here but us.”

That’s probably true.  It is almost midnight and it’s not exactly prime beach season.

Pax lifts my thigh, propping it on his shoulder and his head ducks as he brushes his lips along the inside of my leg.

“You smell like vanilla,” he murmurs, his lips grazing my skin.  He licks my thigh. “You almost taste like it, too.”

My heart is pounding a million times an hour as his tongue traces a trail up to the juncture of my thighs.  I am growing wetter by the moment and it feels scandalous to be doing this outdoors where the stars twinkle overhead and there is nothing preventing anyone from seeing us.

But I don’t care.

I twine my fingers through Pax’s hair and guide his mouth to where I want it to be.  He groans at the same moment as I gasp from the raw pleasure.

“Holy shit,” I breathe.  I can’t even think straight as he continues to move, as his hands and tongue press into me, stroking me.

I feel like I might die from it.

“You taste so good,” he mutters against me, his lips still on me.  “Do you like it as much as I do?”

“God, yes,” I answer, my fingers shaking as I rake them through his hair.  “But I want more of you.”

I clutch his shoulders and pull him up toward me…and he comes willingly.

“What do you want?” he asks mischievously, his hazel eyes sparkling wickedly.  “Tell me.”

I stare into his eyes.  “You,” I whisper.  “I want you.”

He grins and then kisses me, his tongue plunging into my mouth. I can taste myself there.  I feel his hardness wedged between my legs and I buck against him.

“Please,” I add.

He is moving against me, unfastening his jeans, but then he pauses.

“You have to tell me what you want me to do,” he says hotly, his gaze like liquid amber fire.  “Tell me.”

I know exactly what he wants to hear.  I reach out to him, running my fingers along the hard length of him, enjoying the way he sucks in his breath when I touch him.  He gets even harder beneath my touch.

I stare him in the eye.

“Fuck me,” I tell him. “Fuck me, Pax.”

His eyes are cloudy with desire now, unfocused. Before I know it, he is sliding into me, hard and hot.

Thrust by thrust, we build toward a climax.  He is so beautiful.  I absorb every expression that passes over his face, memorizing it.

And then….laughter.

Coming from just a short ways away on the beach.

We freeze, utterly unmoving, as we listen.

Someone is talking, having a conversation, probably only thirty or forty yards away. A woman and a man chat and laugh, and I stare into Pax’s eyes.

“Someone’s here,” I whisper, as he remains perched over me.  He is buried deep within me, frozen, and even though I should remain still, I can’t help but buck my hips up to meet his.

He stares at me in surprise, then he grins in the night.

“Then you’ll have to be quiet.”

I inhale sharply as he thrusts into me hard, then harder.  We can hear the couple on the beach drawing closer and closer to us, and even though we are shrouded in darkness, we know that we could be discovered at any time.

It is unnerving.

And exhilarating.

I clutch at Pax, drawing him as close to me as he can possibly be.

I stare into his gorgeous eyes until he closes them, until he groans and presses into me, shuddering with his release.

I hold him against me, enjoying the feel of his heart beating against mine, absorbing his warmth and his strength.

I keep him there until the couple approaching us is literally feet away, rounding the corner of the lifeguard building.  We scramble to our feet, pulling on our underwear as we race away down the beach. I see the startled look on the girl’s face as we pass and I can’t help but laugh as Pax grabs my hand and pulls me with him toward his car.

We collapse inside of it, laughing like maniacs as we pull on the rest of our clothing.

“You’re sexy as hell,” Pax tells me as he fastens his pants and starts up Danger.

“You’re sort of sexy yourself.”

He raises an eyebrow.  “Sort of?”

I laugh and sag into his side as he drives, enjoying the way his body feels against mine.  As we drive toward Pax’s house, there is only one thing on my mind:  What else we will do when we reach his house… or more specifically, his bed.


If you haven’t had a chance to read If You Stay yet, you can find it here on Amazon and here on Barnes and Noble.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  ❤


8 Responses to “Deleted Scene from IF YOU STAY”

  1. Clista February 16, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

    Wowza Courtney! That was hot and exciting to read. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Karen February 20, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    Ahh!! That was AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for book two!! HURRY!

  3. Andrea @The Bookish Babe February 21, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Daaaaaamn, Courtney. That was so hot!

  4. ReRe February 23, 2013 at 3:19 am #

    Good add to the book. Sorry you deleted it, but thanks for sharing.

  5. Amy @ Book Loving Mom March 1, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    That was hot and awesome!! Loved it!!

  6. Chucha March 15, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    Steamy!!! ♥ed it too!

  7. suzanne alamilla April 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    Great scene. Loved it 😉

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