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My Birthday Celebration!

28 Aug

Yayyyyy, it’s my birthday!!!   I’ve heard that a woman’s first 39th is her best.  Lol.   Seriously, I intend for this year to be a Farewell to my Thirties, and I intend to do big things!

First off, we’ll start with today.

I’ve decided to put a ton of my titles on sale today in celebration.

Birthday book Sale Banner


Confessions of an Alli Cat
Dante’s Girl
Mia’s Heart
The Minaldi Legacy
Soul Kissed
Soul Bound


So if you haven’t read any of these titles, now is the perfect time to try them!

And as you know, Guardian re-releases today.  It’s $.99 for today only, so if you love YA Paranormal Romance, pick it up!


It’s available on AMAZON, iTunes, B&N and Kobo

**It’s taking a while to upload to B&N.  But when it goes live, I’ll leave the price at $.99 for an entire day**

Anyway.  I hope you all have a fabulous August 28th!!



Holiday with Hotties: Hades

15 Dec

Hey everyone,

Before I begin my interview with Hades on this seventh day of my contest, I just want to say that I’m absolutely heartbroken about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As I watched the interviews yesterday on the news, my heart just shattered.  And I’m heartbroken still.  It’s an unimaginable, horrible thing.  My prayers are with the victims and their families during this horrible time.  I fell asleep last night praying about them, actually, and I will continue to pray for them.  I don’t usually speak of religious things in public forums, but it is my belief that God is the only one who can pull people through something as devastating as this.

Okay.  For today’s interview, I have Hades…  from Soul Kissed and Soul Bound (The Moonstone Saga), although he did make an appearance in My Tattered Bonds (The Bloodstone Saga).  He’s a dark enigma, the god of the Underworld.  And he is certainly fascinating.  For those that don’t know, the Hades in my books has a distinct gift of being attractive to anyone near him.   It doesn’t matter if you are female or male, you find yourself drawn to him.   It’s part of his charm… and his gift.  I’ve braced for it today.  I’ll be in close proximity with him… the things I do for my readers!  🙂


(To set the stage, Hades is sitting on the sofa in my office.  He’s wearing black slacks, a white shirt with unbuttoned french cuffs and polished shoes.  He’s got dark hair, dark eyes and his entire persona radiates something dangerous.  I’m both immediately put on edge and attracted to him.  I sit on the far end of the sofa).

Me:  Hades, the last I heard from you was at the end of Soul Bound, when you and Empusa were readying for a war of the gods.  I don’t want any spoilers here, for readers who haven’t yet read the book, but can you tell me if Empusa is doing alright?  What preparations are you making for war?

Hades:  *arches an elegant eyebrow*  Why thank you, Courtney.  It’s so good to be here.  (I grin sheepishly as I realize that I didn’t thank him for being here.)   Em is doing very well.  She’s strong, like her father, and she is ready to do anything that she must do.

Me:  I’m glad to hear that.  In Soul Bound, you got to spend quite some time with Brennan, Em’s love interest.  Is it safe to say that you came to like him?

Hades:  *stares at me*  Oh, Courtney,  my dear.  I would have thought that you would better understand the world of the gods by now.  It matters not if I like him. The only thing matters is if I can trust him- and that still remains to be seen.

Me:  Okay.  Valid point.  Can you at least concede that you realize now that Em truly loves him?

Hades:  *smiles charmingly and my knees grow weak*  I realize that Empusa truly loves him.  But the gods are fickle, my dear.  We are able to love many.

Me:  *smiles back*  That may be true, but most of you have someone that you are loyal to, someone that you love the most.  I’m sure that is the case for Brennan and Em.  And Persephone is that for you.  You might stray from her, but you always return to her side.  Correct?

Hades:  Of course.  She’s my wife and I love her.  Love is a relative thing.

Me: Um.  I think Love is fairly absolute.  You either love someone or you don’t.  It’s not really relative.

Hades:  *shakes head*  Oh, dear Courtney.  You’re mortal.  You don’t understand the vast breadth of everything.  Everything is relative, really.  Everything is fluid.  You will see that someday when you pass into the Underworld.

Me:  Well, hopefully that won’t be for quite a while.

Hades:  *stares*  We’ll see.  But when the time comes, you will enjoy my home.  It is more beautiful than anywhere in the world.

Me:  *politely*  Well, I’ll take your word for it for now.   Will you be giving Persephone a special gift for the holidays?  I realize that the gods don’t celebrate Christmas as we do, but I also know that you enjoy any excuse to celebrate.

Hades:  *shakes head*  I shower Persephone with gifts throughout the year.  She wants for nothing.  As soon as she does, I make sure the want is satisfied.

Me:  Um.  Okay.  You’re so matter of fact today.  You don’t seem yourself.  Is something wrong?

Hades:  No.  I’m sorry if I’m distracted. But we are planning a war, you know.  And I should probably get back to it.  I do thank you, dear, for having me here.  And I hope you and your readers have very happy holidays.

And he’s gone. Instantly.  He just vanished from my office and I’m sure he’s already back in the Underworld.  I have to shake my head– because I’ll never get used to that.

So, apparently our interview is finished.  I apologize that it ended so abruptly.  But Hades is Hades and you never know what he’ll do.

You have a letter from him today though- hidden in the post.  Yayyy!!  Tomorrow will be the last letter!

Please come back tomorrow– it’s a big day for me.   Not only is it the final day of the contest, when you will have the final letter to enter for the prize pack, but I also will be revealing my new leading man– and the cover for his book. I’m really excited about that.

Please also  join me today in praying for the victims of the Connecticut tragedy.  Hug your kids tight and be thankful for your family.



My Upcoming Release Schedule

19 Sep

I thought I’d share a bit about my upcoming release/appearance schedule…

Okay, so my book Of Blood and Bone just released.   You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com

This last summer, Dante’s Girl released.  You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com

The most common questions that I hear all of the time now are “How many books will be in the Minaldi Legacy?  And How many books will be in the Paradise Diaries?”

There are three books planned in The Minaldi Legacy.  Book two (which is still untitled) has a tentative release date of Winter 2012.   Book three will likely release in Spring 2013.

I don’t know yet how many books will be in The Paradise Diaries.  Book Two (Mia & Quinn) will release in the Late Fall 2012.   I’m thinking that there will be four books, but that is not set in stone.

I also still get the question about how many books will be in the Moonstone Saga.  There will be three books.  Book One, Soul Kissed and Book Two, Soul Bound are available now.  Book Three, Princess of the Night, will likely release sometime in 2013.

I had previously planned on releasing a sequel to Princess, called Glass Castles.  I have put that on the back-burner right now.  For now, I think I’ll let Sydney and Stephen have their happy ending.  I may write additional books for them in the future, but that’s still up in the air.

As far as appearances/signings, I’m planning to stay put for awhile.  I’ve got a bunch of writing to get done so I can’t be out participating in shenanigans– as fun as that might be.  I’ll let you know if that changes and when my next signing is scheduled.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday!

Soul Bound is here!!!

5 Apr

Hey guys,

So, some quick news…..

Soul Bound, book two of the Moonstone Saga, is released today on Kindle.   You can find it here on Amazon.  The print version will follow in a week or two.  I really, really, really hope you like it.  🙂

Here’s the blurb:

The gods are playing games again and this time it’s going to get ugly. 

 Empusa is the daughter of the goddess of witchcraft and the moon.  As a child of the moon, she has all of the ethereal lunar powers that come with it.  She is beautiful, vulnerable and strong.  But since she is cursed by her father to drink souls and mortal blood, her powers will come back to haunt her…

 Brennan is the son of Apollo, the god of the sun.  As a child of the sun, he is handsome, golden, brave and strong.  He’s just learning to harness his own immortal powers, only there isn’t much time…

 There’s an ugly, twisted storm brewing on Olympus and Brennan and Em are in the center of it.  Their powers are conflicting, polar opposites.  If they can’t learn to handle their abilities without killing each other, they will kill everyone in the mortal world, as well.  Time is ticking and the gods are watching.  Who will rise, who will fall and who will be left standing?

A friend of mine, M. Leighton (author of a million amazing books), is hosting a giveaway for Soul Kissed and Soul Bound on her blog today.  So… go visit her here for a chance to win.  She also has the first chapter of Soul Bound posted. Yay!!  I hope everyone has an amazing day!


Cover Reveal: Soul Bound

16 Mar

Hi again!

I totally forgot that I was going to reveal the cover today for book two in the Moonstone Saga… SOUL BOUND.    So, without further ado…. here it is:

Do you like it?  I hope so.   And to go along with it… here’s a quick blurb about the book:

The gods are playing games again and this time it’s going to get ugly. 

 Empusa is the daughter of the goddess of witchcraft and the moon.  As a child of the moon, she has all of the ethereal lunar powers that come with it.  She is beautiful, vulnerable and strong.  But since she is cursed by her father to drink souls and mortal blood, her powers will come back to haunt her…

 Brennan is the son of Apollo, the god of the sun.  As a child of the sun, he is handsome, golden, brave and strong.  He’s just learning to harness his own immortal powers, only there isn’t much time…

 There’s an ugly, twisted storm brewing on Olympus and Brennan and Em are in the center of it.  Their powers are conflicting, polar opposites.  If they can’t learn to handle their abilities without killing each other, they will kill everyone in the mortal world, as well.  Time is ticking and the gods are watching.  Who will rise, who will fall and who will be left standing?

Soul Bound is coming soon, although I don’t have the exact release date yet.  But, you can go ahead and mark it as t0-read on Goodreads here.  I’ll let you know more details as I know them.

I hope you are having an awesome Friday!

Character Interview with Empusa from Soul Kissed

27 Feb

You may know that I am writing a spin-off series to the Bloodstone Saga, called The Moonstone  Saga. The first book, Soul Kissed, is already available on Amazon and I am currently working on the sequel, Soul Bound.

The Moonstone Saga follows Empusa, the daughter of the goddess of witchcraft and the moon.  She carries a curse and secrets and a heavy heart because of those very things.    She is also beautiful, elegant, graceful and very, very deadly.  I’m lucky to have her on my blog today for an interview, but even though I know she’d never hurt me, my heart is racing as I sit across from her.

She is curled up on one of the chairs in my office, dressed in a simple, white dress with her long legs tucked beneath her.  Her hair is long and pulled into a simple chignon at her neck.  She is drop-dead-take-your-breath-away-gorgeous.   I can’t decide what I am more of– jealous or terrified.  Deciding not to dwell on either thing, I simply decide to just start the interview. I clear my throat, look at my notes and take a deep breath.

Me:  Empusa, do you feel like talking about your curse at all?

Empusa:  No, not really.  My father traded my soul to gain his own freedom from the Underworld.  I’m now cursed to spend my life drinking the blood and souls of mortals until the curse is reversed by Hades himself.  What more is there to say?

Me:   Excellent point.  I think you pretty much covered it.  Could you explain your relationship with Brennan to readers who might not have read about you yet?

Empusa:  There are readers who haven’t read my story yet?  *raises one perfectly sculpted eyebrow*  I can’t imagine why.  It’s fairly interesting, as far as those things go.   But of course I can explain.  A long, long time ago, Zeus split everyone’s soul into two.  He figured that if everyone was more concerned with finding their other half, they wouldn’t be concerned with overthrowing his throne.   Brennan and I are a result of that.  He’s my soul mate.  I would move mountains for him.

Me:  When did you know that he was your soul mate?

Empusa:  The first time we met, we knew there was something special there.  There was literally electricity in the air when we touched.  We figured it out shortly after that.

Me: But there are complications.  He’s the son of Apollo– your polar opposite.  He’s got the powers of the sun and you’ve got the powers of the moon.  If you don’t learn to control your combined power, you could both die… and cause an apocalypse in the mortal world.  Right?

Empusa: *shrugs one elegant shoulder*  Everyone’s got their baggage.

Me:  So, you have characteristics of a siren and a succubus.  What is your favorite part of that lifestyle?

Empusa:  *stares at me incredulously*  Courtney, you must be joking.  There is not a single part of that lifestyle that I enjoy.  Would you enjoy being beautiful for the sole purpose of luring someone to you so that you could kill them?  Seriously, would you? 

Me:  Of course not.

Empusa:  Then why in the world would I?

Me:  I don’t know.  I guess I thought that there might be some aspects that you might actually like.  I apologize, I meant no offense.

Empusa:  *settles into her chair and takes a sip of her water*  No, no.  I’m sorry.  I know you meant no offense. I guess I’m just a little bit sensitive. Until this wretched curse is lifted, I’ll remain that way, I guess.  Sensitive.

Me:  Some might call it bitchy.

Empusa:  *glares at me*  Don’t push your luck, Courtney.

*I smile at her and continue with my questions, trying to ignore the fact that she could quite literally kill me in one millisecond.*

Me:  So, you and Brennan are fighting hard to get your curse overturned so that you have a happily-ever-after.  What would that be for you?  What is your idea of paradise?

Empusa:   My idea of paradise is a life where I don’t have to run and hide from my snake of a father.  A life where my life is not dependent on the life of a mortal to sustain it.  A life that I can spend with Brennan.  That’s all. I don’t really ask for much.

Me:  No, I guess you don’t.  You want what the rest of us take for granted, I suppose.  I’m sorry for that, Empusa.

Empusa:  Don’t apologize.  You didn’t do this to me.

Me:  True.  I didn’t.  But it doesn’t stop me from wishing that your life could be different.

Empusa:  My life will be different.  Brennan and I are working hard to make sure of it.

Me:  If you had one message to relay to my readers, what would it be?

Empusa:  *Stares at me, her gray eyes thoughtful*  That’s hard.  I would tell them to cherish the ones that they love.  To hold those that are loyal to them close.  They just don’t know how good they’ve got it.

Me:  That’s an excellent message, Empusa, and one we should all remember.  Thank you for coming here today.  It’s been good seeing you.  I can’t wait to learn more of your story.

Empusa:  Thank you for having me, Courtney.  I can’t wait until you write more of my story.  I can’t believe you were worried that I’d hurt you.  I would never take your soul.  If something happened to you, there would be no one left to finish my story.

Me:  Touché.   I’d forgotten you could read minds.

Empusa:  *Smiles broadly and then uncurls very elegantly from her chair.  She glances at me once, then disappears into thin air.*

I take a deep breath and look around.  My office was suddenly empty and I was alone.  After another moment, my heart slows back down to normal.   I really don’t know why I was so nervous in the first place.  I knew Empusa wouldn’t hurt me.  She only took the blood and souls of people who were sick and dying.  She hated having to do it.  She would never hurt me.   But knowing that and sitting across from a deadly siren/succubus were two different things.

Anyway.  I hope you enjoyed the interview.  Em is a fascinating character- fun to write and fun to read. You can check her out in Soul Kissed, if you haven’t already.  You can find it on Amazon here.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

Re-Reveal: Princess

14 Feb

Okay.  So I know that if someone mentions my name, readers usually immediately think of the Bloodstone Saga.  I get that.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings- I love that series.  I’m actually flattered that readers recognize my name at all.  🙂  However, I have written a couple of other things that have been overshadowed by my beloved Bloodstone Saga.

One of them is Princess. I wrote it, it released and then I barely paid it any more mind- I was so focused on writing the rest of the Bloodstone Saga.  Shame on me for neglecting it because Sydney and Stephen have a really great story to tell.  It’s not paranormal, but it’s still really interesting.

Anywho.  It has recently been decided that my book, Princess, will become a series…. The American Princess series.  I am actually currently working on its sequel, Glass Castles.  I’m also working on the sequel to Soul Kissed.  I will probably emerge from this experience of writing two books at once as a madwoman.  But then again, I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference.

Over the past year or so, one thing we’ve consistently heard about Princess is that readers didn’t think the cover fit the story. We thought about it and you know what?  You were totally right.  While I loved the previous cover and thought it was beautiful- and the cover model was amazingly nice, too…. it was too glamorous and perfect for the story.  Princess has grit.  It’s dark and twisted and its cover needed to reflect that.   So, over the course of this past month, it’s been re-done.   It needed to reflect a beautiful  rich girl whose life is crumbling around her and she is experiencing really horrible things.  And I think we nailed it:

Here’s a little blurb about Princess in case this is the first you’re hearing about it:

Money can’t buy happiness… even in a world that begins with a Tiffany teething ring.

Sydney Ross has it made. As the 17-year old daughter of Illinois senator Randall Ross and socialite Jillian Ross, Sydney was born with perfect teeth and a killer trust-fund. Everything about her life is idyllic…the life of a princess. The Ross’ are richer than God and twice as beautiful, the picture-perfect All-American Family.

Except that it is all a lie.

After a positive pregnancy test, Sydney’s life unravels in the space of just one breath. Life as she knows it is over and survival itself begins to look questionable as life and death literally hang in the balance with each sordid twist that she is dealt.

After the shocking climax, Sydney is brought to her knees with one seething question: Who in the world can she trust when no one is who they seem to be?

Caution: This book is not set in a Mayberry kind of world nor is it a simple book about teen pregnancy. Princess is somewhat twisted and edgy. You might need to fan yourself during some parts and a box of tissues during others. It contains love, suspense, heartache and loss. Oh- and some adult themes and language, too.

Anyway, if you are in-between books- maybe you’ve finished The Bloodstone Saga and Soul Kissed and you are waiting to read Soul Bound (I’m working on it, I promise!) perhaps you can pick up Princess and give it a try.  It’s different from my other work, but I hope you will like it anyway.   You can find it here on Amazon.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!