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My Birthday Celebration!

28 Aug

Yayyyyy, it’s my birthday!!!   I’ve heard that a woman’s first 39th is her best.  Lol.   Seriously, I intend for this year to be a Farewell to my Thirties, and I intend to do big things!

First off, we’ll start with today.

I’ve decided to put a ton of my titles on sale today in celebration.

Birthday book Sale Banner


Confessions of an Alli Cat
Dante’s Girl
Mia’s Heart
The Minaldi Legacy
Soul Kissed
Soul Bound


So if you haven’t read any of these titles, now is the perfect time to try them!

And as you know, Guardian re-releases today.  It’s $.99 for today only, so if you love YA Paranormal Romance, pick it up!


It’s available on AMAZON, iTunes, B&N and Kobo

**It’s taking a while to upload to B&N.  But when it goes live, I’ll leave the price at $.99 for an entire day**

Anyway.  I hope you all have a fabulous August 28th!!



A Birthday Celebration!

18 Aug

So, my birthday is on August 28th.  I’ll be celebrating a few things.

One, I’ll be turning 39, so I’ll be celebrating the start of the last of my 30’s.   I’ll also be celebrating the re-release of my debut novel, GUARDIAN…which is a big deal to me.

GUARDIAN was my first book.  It was the thing, the cathartic thing, that kept me from drowning in grief after my dad died.  It was also the pivotal thing that pulled me into the writing world and changed my life forever.

To celebrate these things, I’ll be throwing a virtual party on my birthday.

Guardian 10 Days

GUARDIAN will be re-released.  On release day, my birthday, it will be $.99 for digital copies for that one day only.

Also, for that one day only, the following books of mine (which are some of my favorites) will be on sale for $.99:

Dante’s Girl (Book 1 of The Paradise Diaries)

The Minaldi Legacy 

Confessions of an Alli Cat  (Book 1 of the Cougar Chronicles) 

Soul Kissed (Book 1 of The Moonstone Saga) 

If you watch my books at all, then you’ll know this is a big deal, because my books are seldom on sale.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great day. As for me, I’m just gonna be over here… counting down the days til my birthday.  Have a great week!

All of Court’s Men: Alex from Confessions of an Alli Cat

17 Mar




“You know what they say…a happy vagina is a happy woman. Well, they might not say that, but they should.”—Alli

It’s Alli Cat week on All of Court’s Men, featuring Alex Harris!

I have to say… of all of my books aside from IF YOU STAY, Confessions of an Alli Cat is the one that I get the most comments about… the most questions of When is there going to be a sequel!??

Alli Cat is unlike any of my other books.  It’s sexy, funny and light-hearted… not emotional, sexy and angsty.   And while I love me some angst, sometimes, a good light-hearted book is just what the doctor ordered.  And if you’re needing to laugh, Alli Cat can do that for you.

Check out an excerpt: 

I decide against wearing stockings or even panties today.  I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I can’t have anything touching my girl.  I just can’t.  If I weren’t in so much pain, I would feel naughty for going to work sans panties.

As it is, I just feel grumpy. When I get in my car, I carefully arrange Brazilian Baldy so that she’s not rubbing against my seat.  My phone buzzes. It’s Sara.

That’s your vagina talking, not you.  You love me.  You have to.  Because I know all of your secrets.

I sigh.  She has a point.

Fine.  My vagina hates you, I answer.

I don’t even have time to stop and get coffee on the way to work, which definitely doesn’t bode well for my day.

As I breeze past Taylor, I growl, “I need coffee.”

She takes one look at my face and scrambles to her feet, presumably to find me some.  I love that girl.  She knows me so well.  And also, she doesn’t want to put up with me sans caffeine.  I know that much is true because I don’t want to put up with me sans caffeine either.

“Alli,” she calls from behind me, but I ignore her.  I’m so not in the mood for anything right now until I have imbibed at least two cups.

“I’m not in the mood yet,” I call back as I open my office door.

I’m not usually such a bitch, but a raw crotch will do that to a person.

I stalk into my office and stop.

Alex is sitting casually on the couch, his legs propped up while he reads the Wall Street Journal.  I stare.  He glances up. He’s got two cups from a local coffee house sitting next to him.  He is wearing black pinstripe slacks and a white button-up.  He looks fresh and handsome and it’s apparent that he is certainly not suffering from a raw crotch.

And holy shit.  Sara was right.  It definitely depends on who is wearing the button-up as to how boring it is.

This white-button up is not boring at all.  When it is stretched across two strong shoulders like that, how could it be boring?

Alex smiles.

It’s a beautiful smile that makes the corners of his gorgeous eyes crinkle.

“I took a chance and guessed that you like Kona coffee,” he says cheerfully, handing me one of the cups.  “Sugar and cream.  I’m sorry if it’s not right.”

“Bless you,” I say as I grab the cup greedily from his fingers. I restrain myself from gulping it down in two swallows. Instead, I sip it like a lady.  A lady who has been wandering in the desert for two weeks and is ready to die from thirst, that is.

Alex laughs.

“Bad morning?”

I lower the cup.  If I admit it, he might think I can’t handle personal stress after all.  And I can’t tell him about my vag problems.

“Um.  Just busy already,” I tell him.

“Well, I won’t keep you.  I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be sitting in your staff meeting today.  I just want to get a feel for your department.  No big thing.  I just didn’t want you to feel surprised.”

I smile.  I’m feeling gracious now that the caffeine is circulating through my veins.

“It’s fine. I expected that you would join us today and obviously, you are welcome any time.  Is there anything in particular you want us to cover?”

Alex shakes his sexy head.

“No.  Just go on with business as usual. If I have questions, I’ll ask.”

He picks up his paper and takes his leave.  He is barely gone before I buzz for Taylor.  She walks in and I smile pleasantly.

“Is there any reason why you didn’t mention as I walked past you that our new boss was waiting for me in my office?”

She smiles back, like the saucy wench that she is.

“Yes.  You said that you weren’t in the mood for it yet.”

I take four deep breaths and mentally pick up my stapler and throw it at her smiling head.  She smiles wider, as if she knows my thoughts.

“In the future,” I say calmly, still smiling, “Please let me know when Alex Harris is waiting for me, even if I say that I’m not in the mood to hear it.”

She nods cheerfully.  “Will do, boss.  Should I also always tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth?”

I nod back.  “Of course.”

She smiles.  “You do.”


I’ve had women message me and tell me that they were laughing so hard while reading Alli Cat in bed that their hubbies kicked them out of bed.  haha.  So if you’re in the mood for a laugh, you totally should check Alli Cat out.  And it’s Monday… so what better day for a laugh?

Plus, Confessions of an Alli Cat will be $.99 all week.

You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  

Have a good week, everyone!  Stay sexy!  😉


There WILL be a sequel to Confessions of an Alli Cat.  I just don’t know when that will be.  Hopefully this summer!

Help me decide what to write! (Pretty-please :)

23 Sep

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!

Okay, so I’m sitting here in my office, trying to shuffle around my writing schedule for the year.  I’ve turned book three of the Beautifully Broken series in to my editor and now…. my schedule needs some attention.  I could use YOUR help in deciding what to write this year. I’d like to know what YOU want to read!  🙂

I have a couple of brand new story ideas floating around in my head, so hopefully those will gt written sometime this year. But in addition to those, I’m thinking that Brand (from the Beautifully Broken series) needs his own book.   If I wrote Brand’s story, would you want to read it?

And…. I’m trying to decide which sequel to fit into my schedule first.  Can you tell me which you’d most like to read?


Thank you VERY much for your help. I wish I had more hours in the day so that I could write every story in my head, but until that happens, I really am interested in what you would most like to see from me.  🙂

Thank you for voting and have a fabulous Monday!

Holidays with Hotties: Shade

13 Dec

So….. for Day 5 of Holiday with Hotties, I have Shade here.  I know….exciting, right?

AlliCat for web

You wouldn’t believe the emails that I get from readers wanting to hear more from Shade (from Confessions of an Alli Cat).   So, to tide you over, I chose him as my fifth hottie for the Holidays!

Okay, so Shade stars in Confessions of an Alli Cat, along with Alli, Sara and his dad, Alex.  It’s a wildly inappropriate book that was a bunch of fun to write.  In my head, Shade looks a lot like Ryan Guzman.

Ryan Guzman as Shade

Also, this bit of deliciousness (who isn’t Ryan Guzman, but I can’t find a name for his beautiful, beautiful abs.  Er, face…)  UPDATE:  I’ve been informed that this gorgeous guy’s name is Jeff Tomsik.  Wowza.

Picture of Shade

Go ahead.  Take a minute to pant or lick your computer screen.

Okay.  Let’s carry on.  So, Shade requested a stripper pole for his interview.  I nixed that and so I just have to hope that he doesn’t attempt too many shenanigans.  Or maybe that would be fun.  Oh well.  Only one way to find out.


Me:  Welcome, Shade!  It’s so good to see you! And I mean that literally.  *eyes his rippling abs*  Is there some reason why you came shirtless?  It’s freezing outside here, you know. This isn’t Vegas.

Shade:  *Laughs*  I know.  I took my shirt off in your foyer.  I just wanted to see what you would do.  You’re one cool customer, Courtney.  You didn’t even blink.

Me:  *preens*  That’s because my ovaries were too busy having a spasm.

Shade:  *laughs again*  Do you want me to put my shirt back on?

Me:  Heavens, no.  Make yourself at home.  If your pants get too constraining, feel free to take them off too.  *coughs while Shade laughs again*  Okay.  So tell me, how have you been?  What have you been up to?  There’s a bunch of women who really want to know.

Shade:  Well, sadly, my professional life doesn’t include handcuffs and blindfolds anymore.  But I still do use them in personal life.  *winks*   I’ve been hard at work on my MBA and working for my father’s company.  It turned out to not be so bad after all.  This responsible adult thing has its perks.

Me:  Such as?

Shade:  Well, I never used to tell people what I did.. telling people you were an escort would just be inappropriate.  So, now I get to tell people that I work in marketing without batting an eye. Because it’s respectable.

Me:  You know… you working in marketing is a brilliant maneuver on the part of Zeller’s.  I personally would buy anything you were selling.  *blushes wildly as I realize how that sounded*

Shade:  You’re cute, Courtney.

Me:  *dies*

Me:  (after recovering)  Have you heard from Alli?  How is she?

Shade:  *smiles*  Well, Alli is a pistol.  She and Sara are all up-in-arms over Alli’s wedding to my dad.  Apparently it’s going to be this big deal thing and Sara’s getting carried away and Alli is about to pull her hair out.  Sara’s hair, that is.  But they should be used to it.  That’s how they always are.  Never a dull moment.

Me:  I hope hot wax isn’t involved anywhere.

Shade:  *laughs*

Me:  What are you doing for Christmas?  Are you dating anyone?

Shade:  *takes sip of water*   I’m having Christmas with Alli, my dad and Alli’s daughter Sophie.  I’m not dating anyone in particular right now, no.

Me:  Ladies of America, take note.

Shade:  *laughs*  Courtney, you’re good for my ego.

Me:  *smiles*  Shade, thank you so much for being here today.  I’m looking forward to hearing more of your story in the second book of The Cougar Chronicles.  I can only imagine what kind of trouble you guys are going to get into.

Shade:  *grins*  Well, it’s something we’re good at.  You know what they say, do what you know.

Me:  So true.  I hope you have a beautiful Christmas, Shade.  And if you happen to drink too much eggnog and start getting wild, make sure you text me the pictures.

Shade:  Will do. You have a great Christmas, too.  *stands up and hugs me*

Me: (under my breath) Eff.  Can you do that again?

Shade:  *laughs as he buttons up his shirt*

Me:  *cries as he buttons up his shirt*

Shade:  See you next time, Court!  *winks and leaves*

Me: *dies again because he called me Court*


Holy cow.  There are no words to describe how sexy that man is.  Holy. Freaking. Wow.  Even without the stripper pole.

But anyway.  You now have two more letters toward the phrase that you can use to enter on Sunday.   We’re getting closer and closer to you meeting my next leading man… and me revealing my next cover.  It was designed by none other than the fabulous Sarah Hansen and I can’t wait for you to see!!

I hope you have an amazing Thursday.  See you back here tomorrow!

Confessions of an Alli Cat: $.99 Woohoo!

1 Nov

Okay, folks… in celebration of its early release, Confessions of an Alli Cat will be $.99 (on Kindle only) for a very limited time.

So…. if you’ve been wanting to check it out, now’s the time!   🙂   You can find it on Amazon here. 



Fifty Shades of Grey meets hilarious Contemporary Romance in this witty and sexy novel by Courtney Cole.


Caution!  Only read this book if you want to laugh and are not offended at adult themes and language.  This is not a Young Adult book.



“You know what they say…a happy vagina is a happy woman.  Well, they might not say that, but they should.”–Alli


Thirty-five year-old Allison “Alli” Lancaster has it all—a fabulous job, a beautiful 15 year-old daughter, a hilarious BFF and a gorgeous house with a pool and Jacuzzi in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood.  What she doesn’t have is a husband, because she kicked her lousy, cheating ex to the curb nine months ago.  Since then, Alli has paid her dues with seemingly endless self-improvement and seemingly endless mourning.  Now she’s ready to move on and try new things.

Alli’s idea of “trying new things” is nothing like that devil-of-a-best-friend of hers.  Somehow, Sara, the devil of a best friend, talks Alli into trying out a sex toy, sleeping with a younger man and letting a stranger in a lab jacket put hot wax on a place that should never, ever, ever see wax.  And that’s only the beginning.

Alli never saw her life going quite like this.   She also never thought she’d meet someone else who had the very real potential to change her life forever.

But she did.

Enter the new guy.  He’s gorgeous, refined and mature.  He’s also marriage material.  But that poses a problem for Alli, who renounced the institution of marriage when she renounced her ex.  What’s a girl to do?

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  But what the heck happens when you can’t leave Vegas?  Well, you spin the wheel, of course.  You play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

Alli just hopes she can find them all.

Cover Reveal: Mia’s Heart (Book 2 of The Paradise Diaries)

29 Oct

Happy Monday!

So, because  the sequel to Dante’s Girl  is coming out on December 1, I thought it was time to share the cover.  Yayyyy!  I love covers. And I really, really love this one.  Dani Snell did an awesome and amazing job on Mia’s Heart.  What do you think?

Here’s the book description:

My name is Mia Giannis.

I am seventeen years old.

I live in Valese, Caberra.

This has become my mantra and my lifeline, having recently lost my memory due to a scary natural disaster.

Yeah.  I have amnesia.  Messed up, right?

You don’t know the half of it.

Not remembering anything has turned my world upside down. My parents try their hardest to “remind” me of who I was, but it doesn’t feel right. Or, if what they’re saying is true and that really was me, I’m not sure I like that person very much.

And then there’s my love life.  Apparently, Gavin Ariastasis is my oldest and best friend in the world. Also, apparently, we’ve never dated.  But now, noticing him for what feels like the first time, he’s making my heart do somersaults.  He knows me inside and out—the real me.  Plus, he’s sexy and charming as hell.  Sounds perfect, right?

But then… there’s the new guy. Quinn McKeyen – tall, gorgeous and deliciously American.  His mischievous grin and slow Midwestern drawl turn my insides to mush in two seconds flat making me question who I really am and what I really want.

Seriously. What am I supposed to do with all that?!  I feel torn between them, but I barely even know who I am, let alone what I want.

I just hope my indecisive heart will clue me in.  And sooner rather than later…before I lose what little of my mind that I have left.


I’m excited to share Mia’s story with you.  She’s an awesome character– spunky, funny, fun.  And don’t worry– you’re going to see a bunch of Dante, Reece and Gavin too.  You can mark Mia’s Heart as to-read on Goodreads here. 

In other news…. Confessions of an Alli Cat is finally available for Nook.  Yayyyy!  You can find it on B&N here.  And of course, it’s already available for Kindle here.  The print version should be available later this week.  I hope everyone has a fabulous week!