Get Branded…and show me your tattoo! :)

23 Jun

Hey guys,

So, you might be aware that Brand’s book (book four in the Beautifully Broken series) will release on July 7.  Woohooo!

Until We Fly

Anyway.   I thought I’d take a second to talk tattoos. Because they play a part in Brand’s story.

Getting a tattoo is a highly personal decision.  I personally don’t have one yet, although I’ve played with the idea for a few years.  To me, a tattoo can be an artistic expression of something important to you.  That’s certainly what Brand and Nora have done in UNTIL WE FLY.

Brand is an ex-Army Ranger, and his personal values are actually reflected in his tattoos.  He’s got a fierce eagle flying across his shoulder blades with the words: I STAND ON A WALL TO PROTECT WHAT IS MINE.

He’s got a skull and crossed swords on his bicep with the words DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.

And on his forearm, he’s got these words:  Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil. 

So, because of his artistic expression, even if you didn’t know he was a soldier, you’d certainly get that impression if you saw his body art.  You’d know that he’s strong, he’s brave, he’s honorable, he’s fierce.  You’d know all that because he chose to express himself through the art on his body.

Nora, on the other hand…. her one tattoo is hidden on her shoulder blade, as a reminder to herself.  She’s got a delicate anchor that says, Fluctuat nec mergitur.  That’s latin for She is tossed by the waves, but she does not sink.  It’s also an artistic expression, but it’s a very personal reminder to her… to be strong.

So, I’m curious.  Which of you have tattoos?  What do they mean to you?  Why did you get them?    Leave a pic of your tattoo in the comments (if it’s in a…ahem… appropriate place) and the story of why you got it.  Don’t have a tattoo?  Well, that’s okay.  Tell me a story about one you’ve thought about getting and the significance of it.   I’ll choose my favorite story next Sunday the 29tth, and you’ll win a signed copy of IF YOU LEAVE (book two in the series… the book where Brand is introduced).  

I absolutely can’t wait for you to get BRANDed… once you read UNTIL WE FLY, I’m hoping you’ll fall in love with Brand.  I know I have.  🙂

Tattoo, BeFree1


11 Responses to “Get Branded…and show me your tattoo! :)”

  1. manda June 23, 2014 at 7:48 am #

    I have the words “one mind, one heart, one love” tattooed on me with a lop sided heart and star burst around it. I guess some might be able to assume what it means but what it means to me is that I only have one mind, and I only have one heart, so I must only have one love. The lop sided heart because love isn’t perfect and the “perfect” love for me doesn’t have to be visibly perfect. I also have a ribbon lacing up my spine with my spine made to look like it’s ripping open. To me this represents holding it together even when you’re falling a part. I’ve had a lot of tough times where I thought that things were just always falling apart but I hold it together to make it a little further. I want to get a sleeve done with a pin up version of lady justice with the words “and justice for all” because I’ve gotten an education in law and there’s so much that needs to be fixed with the system and I feel everyone deserves their fair chance. A pin up version because I want to be a strong, sexy, independent female, and have that balance of equality while ensuring that I’m upholding everything I believe in with those words “and justice for all”.

  2. Wendy June 23, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    I have been wanting to get one for years, almost got it in Vegas last year, but backed out at the last minute. I want to get 10 Percent tattooed by one of my scars from my port-a-caths, as a reminder that at one time I was only given a 10% survival rate, and God helped me beat it, so I should live every day remembering that!!

  3. tristadanielle2004 June 23, 2014 at 4:40 pm #

    I have 10.. my son’s name on my right shoulder, daughters name on left shoulder, flowers and butterflies on left arm, lupus ribbon with the words strength through weakness on right side of my chest, stars on back of my neck, butterfly across lower back, I love him on my right wrist , tinkerbell on left hip, celtic symbol for endless love on right calf, 2 flowers on left foot

  4. julie o June 24, 2014 at 12:01 am #

    I don’t have a tatoo, but I am so excited about reading Brand’s story, can’t wait. As I’ve told you before Pax is one of my top 5 book boyfriends and I am loving the whole series. Keep up the great work!

  5. Tanya Sims Ankenbruck June 24, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    I have 6….but the one that means the most was the one I got in April. My brother passed away unexpectedly on March 6, 2014. He was my only sibling, we are 2 years and 2 weeks apart. It has been really hard for me and my parents. I wanted to get something that he would like and remind me of him. He was a HUGE University of Texas fan so my daughter and I both got the outline of the UT logo colored in with burnt orange, I put his initials in the middle and his birth date and date of death in the horns. I don’t know how to leave a picture on this post, but you can see it on my FB page.

  6. Stephanie June 24, 2014 at 2:27 pm #

    I have a tattoo on my foot that says “One step at a time” in Italian. The reason I got it is to remind me to live in the moment and try not to worry about what might happen in the future because worrying about something that hasn’t or might not happen takes the joy out of living your life 🙂

  7. Roxy Kade June 26, 2014 at 7:52 am #

    I have a tribal design with a blood red rose on my ankle. There is no specific significance for my tattoo, but I had it done to show support for a good friend of mine when everyone was talking trash about her getting one. She’s 5 years younger than me and was feeling quite intimidated about getting the tattoo she’d always wanted and when everyone told her only tramps and drug users etc. get tattoos, I felt it was my duty to stand up for her and with her. Of course when we got to the tattoo parlor she was too nervous to sit in the chair and almost talked herself out of having one – due to her fear, so I went first and even though it hurt like a b*tch, I sweated it out and bit my tongue for her sake. When we were done, we arrived home and proudly showed off our new ink. People were so shocked that I had had one done as well that we never heard a peep from them. I was happy to have been able to make her day, and I love my tattoo so much I had a second one done.
    (I’m not sure how to attach pics 😦 )

  8. Sarah Black June 29, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

    I have a skeleton key on my left shoulder with my son’s name. It represents that he is the key to my heart.

  9. dawn June 30, 2014 at 12:41 pm #

    My husband and I at 30 decided to get the same tattoo, a firery ring that looks like a mix if a Sun and a compass I got mine on my lower back with our shared initials ‘dh’ on east and west. He got the tattoo with our initials at north and south. Our daughter on her 18 bday got the tattoo on her shoulder with our initials( we all have the same) on northwest to southeast. Their are many intertwined reasons we decided on this symbol, the ring is everlasting, the flames are passion, the sun is life(and I’m a California girl), the compass is home or at least finding your way. The positions of our initials are mine east west because my husband is from VA and I’m from CA; my husband’s north south because we lived in Alaska during his career in the military and he is from the south, so he has spanned the continent from north to south; and our daughter much like my husband chose north west to symbolize that part of the nation in which she lived(Washington, Alaska, California) and where we call home now in Tennessee. As a military family we have been very class and this solidifies our bond even further.

  10. manda July 1, 2014 at 6:07 pm #

    Ok so I been watching this post like crazy to find out who won but now I’m not sure it will be posted on here. =/ COURTNEY! Lol who won?

    • Chelsea N July 1, 2014 at 6:28 pm #

      lol, I’m with you Manda! Ready to know who won!!

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