A Minaldi Legacy excerpt!

5 Feb

As you guys know, tomorrow is the release day for The Minaldi Legacy!!  Woohoooooo!!


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I’m super excited about it.  I’ve really missed Luca over the past year, and so now that the conclusion to his story is ready to be shared with the world… I’m just beside myself.

So, I thought I’d share an excerpt today.   🙂

Here you go…. from Luca’s point of view:

As I enter our bedroom, Eva looks up from the massive bed and smiles.  Her long dark red hair is draped over her shoulder, her grayish green eyes clear and bright.

“Hey,” she greets me softly, laying her book down on the bed.  “I was wondering where you were.  I couldn’t hear the piano.”

“I wasn’t playing,” I tell her as I sit to take off my shoes.  “I was talking to Damien.”

Eva freezes in anticipation.  “And?”

“And there is still no sign of Adrian,” I tell her softly.  “Don’t worry, Eva.  We’re safe here.  We’ve got a full staff of trained guards patrolling the perimeter of Chessarae.  He might know these grounds, but he can’t breach our walls without us knowing about it ahead of time. You’re safe.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about,” she says firmly as she tucks a tendril of stray hair behind her ear.

I strip my clothes off and she watches, her eyes filling with a familiar hunger.  It’s the same hunger I feel whenever I look at her, touch her, or listen to her.  God, how I want her.  Something in me has retreated from her though.  It’s as though a part of me thinks to shield her, to protect her from me.  Or against losing me.  Because something ominous hangs over our heads and I know that it will drop upon us any day.

But tonight, I shake those ugly thoughts away as I walk to the bed and slip in next to the woman I love.   Whatever else we have or don’t have, we do have this moment.

“I’ve missed you,” I admit hoarsely as I fold in next to her.  She looks at me in surprise, then pulls me to her.

“I’ve missed you too,” she murmurs, her hands sliding along my back, pulling me closer.  “I’ve missed you so much, Luca.  You’re here, but you’re not really here.  You’re gone from me.  I know it sounds stupid to say, but that’s how I feel.”

I nod, but don’t acknowledge that she’s right.  She already knows.

“Be with me tonight,” she breathes, her hands fluttering down over my chest, down to my groin, where my manhood pulses and waits.  Her fingers find it and I suck in my breath before I crush my lips to hers.

“Yes,” I say simply.  I push her into the mattress and her legs wrap around my waist, her tongue in my mouth, her breath warm and sweet.

“Luca,” she moans softly.  “Touch me.”

So I do. I touch her everywhere.  My fingers slip into her and she arches up toward my hand.  My fingers are cool as I slide them in and out, slow then fast.  I know this woman.  I know her scent, the way she moves, what she enjoys.  There’s comfort in that, a blessed familiarity.  I bring her to orgasm within minutes, her breath quickening as she whispers my name.

I slide into her wetness and I groan as her warmth surrounds me, pulling me into her.  I grip her hips, pulling her closer, as I delve further inside of her.  My hardness contrasts with her softness, and the friction is exquisite.  It isn’t long until I orgasm as well, shaking as I hover above her, pulsing into her.

When I collapse onto her, she pulls me tight.

“You’re staying with me tonight.”

Lately, I’ve made a habit out of sleeping on a lounger in our sitting area.  I hate to disturb Eva when I can’t sleep, or when I wake with nightmares.  But I don’t argue tonight.  I need her, too.

“Yes,” I agree.   I hold her until she falls asleep, her breathing soft and even.  I watch the shadows on the wall move and sway, I listen to the sea crash against the shore, I stare at the moonlight slanting in on the floor.

I still can’t sleep.

For hours, I can’t sleep.

When I finally do, my dreams are filled with darkness.

But that is nothing new.


There you have it!!  The last excerpt before Luca releases tomorrow.  If you’re ready to read something different than you’ve been reading lately, be sure to pick up The Minaldi Legacy tomorrow.  🙂

Tall, dark and dangerous


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