The Minaldi Legacy- An Excerpt!!

4 Feb

Soooooo.  I’ve been house hunting down in the south where it’s warm, and haven’t had a chance to talk much about my upcoming book, The Minaldi Legacy.

First, in case you are wondering why I would like to move, let me just show you.  This is why:



I hate the cold.  Snow is pretty for about a week, then the whiteness of the snow and grayness of the sky begins to get to me.  I know some people love it.  I’m just not one of them.  Haha.

Biut now– on to my Minaldi Legacy… and one of my favorite male characters, Luca Minaldi.

First, I’d like to share a photo that I saw the other day.  Until now, I haven’t been able to find any real person who came close to the Luca Minaldi that I have in my head.   BUT, Daniel di Tomasso comes very close.

What do you think?

Daniel di tomasso as Luca, 2

I think he’s beautiful.  And very, very Luca.

Words to describe Luca Minaldi?   Hmm.  Dark.  Dangerous.  Sexy.  Beautiful.  Tortured.  Refined.  Elegant.  Powerful.  Did I mention Sexy?   Sexy.  Delicious.  Sexy.  Sexy.  Sexy.

Okay, you get the picture.

Now, I thought I’d share the never-before-seen prologue of part two of The Minaldi Legacy (OF DARKNESS AND DEMONS).



At night, I walk alone.

Amid the dark and the shadows, I sink my feet into damp sand and continue on my way. The salty sea water laps at my ankles, washing over the bare skin of my feet.  It can’t wash me clean, however.  Nothing can.

But that doesn’t matter here in the night.  No one can see me for what I’ve done, for what I might still do. The demons can’t chase me.  They can’t find me in the dark although it wouldn’t matter if they could.  I’m worse than all of them, yet I’m one of them all the same.

The dark, the demons… I belong to them.

My will doesn’t matter, my intentions don’t matter, my thoughts don’t even matter.

They aren’t my own anymore.

I am a child of demons and darkness.

The sooner I reconcile myself with that fact, the sooner I will no longer be tormented.

As if that time will ever come.

The moon hangs heavy on the horizon, like a pregnant star, its yellowed belly grazing the sea. I gaze at it for a moment, chasing all other thoughts from my mind, until I finally acknowledge that I have to go back.  I have to face that which is too nightmarish to face.

Too inconceivable.

Too horrible.

I turn, and step by step, my feet carry me back to Chessarae.

My home.

My prison.


Luca Minaldi’s story is unlike anything you’ve been reading lately.  I can pretty much promise you that.  He’s different.  And delicious.   As my BFF Michelle Leighton put it, “He’s tall, dark and dangerous.”

That he is.

And he’s coming to you DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

Can you handle him?



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