4 Hours Until Before We Fall!!

2 Dec

You guys, so I’m so excited I can’t stand myself.  There are FOUR HOURS left until Dominic Kinkaide is released into the world and BEFORE WE FALL releases.

Excuse me for a moment while I shriek wildly…because Dominic Kinkaide is my baddest bad boy yet and I’m dying of excitement!

Tell me to be bad enough

*inserts pause here so we can drool for a second*

Okay. Ahem.  That’s out of my system…so now I have to do something to kill time or I might drive myself (and my family) crazy.  What shall we do to kill time, you say?

Let’s have a release party!!  Sounds fun, right!?

So, every hour from now until midnight EST (which is when BEFORE WE FALL releases), I’ll release a spicy excerpt and a little flash giveaway might pop up from time to time, too.  Fun, right?

But first, I want to get you REALLY ready for Dominic.  So if you haven’t read the prequel novella, UNTIL WE BURN, I have an  offer for you.

If you pre-order BEFORE WE FALL  before midnight EST tonight, I’ll give you the prequel novella, UNTIL WE BURN for free…because I think it adds a lot to Dom’s story and I want you to read it.

All you have to do is email a screenshot of the receipt (or the receipt itself, if you prefer) of the pre-ordered Before We Fall to me at courtneycolegiveaways@gmail.com by midnight EST tonight.   And then, I’ll email you UNTIL WE BURN tonight.  Easy peasy!

Now, on to other things….

Want an excerpt of BEFORE WE FALL?   This is from Jacey’s POV:

“I’ve got balls,” I announce.  “They’re made of steel.”

Dominic laughs.  “Really?  This I’ve got to see.”

In a flurry of sudden movement, his arm snakes around my waist, finding its way to my crotch.  With one hand on my back holding me in place, he strokes me with the other, just for a second.   The heat from his palm melds with the heat between my legs and a million needles shoot down into my legs, weakening my knees.

I gasp and my eyes meet his and I’m frozen as my heart pounds and my fingers shake.

“It appears that you don’t, in fact, have balls,” he tells me quietly, without removing his hand from my crotch.

“It was a figure of speech,” I croak needlessly, although of course he knows that.  “You can move your hand now.”

“Oh, can I?”  His voice is velvet, smooth as butter.

Instead of moving it away, his fingers move against me and my nerve endings burst into flame, spreading a fire from my crotch to my thighs to my chest.

Why aren’t I moving away from him?

The simple answer is:  I don’t want to.  I should want to… Dominic Kinkaide is an asshole most of the time.  But holy shit, he’s a sexy asshole.  And to be quite honest, I don’t think I could move to save my life.  It’s like I’m suspended here, dangling from the tips of his fingers.


Okay.  I’m going to be pacing the floors as I wait for midnight.   Make sure you check my Facebook fanpage tonight for random flash giveaways and of course, you can pre-order BEFORE WE FALL to ensure that it lands in your inbox promptly at midnight.

Pre-Order links:


Be among the first to fall!  🙂

I’ll see you guys at 9:00 EST!


One Response to “4 Hours Until Before We Fall!!”

  1. Diana Garey December 2, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    I just ordered it!! Can’t wait!!

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