Questions about UNTIL WE BURN

23 Nov

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Hey guys!

Sooooooo.  I’ve received a ton of questions about my novella, UNTIL WE BURN.   So, I figured I’d do a little blog post to answer them all in one spot.  🙂

1.  Can I read UNTIL WE BURN if I haven’t yet read Before We Fall or the other Beautifully Broken books?

Answer:  Yes.  Until We Burn is a prequel to BEFORE WE FALL.  It’s meant to provide a glimpse of Dominic Kinkaide’s bad boy ways prior to the start of BEFORE WE FALL.   It isn’t related at all to IF YOU STAY or IF YOU LEAVE, so you can easily read it if you haven’t read those books yet.

2.  Do I have to read UNTIL WE BURN to make BEFORE WE FALL make sense?

Answer:  No, you do not.  It’s simply an extra.  It’s meant to enhance your reading experience for Before We Fall.  Before We Fall ended up being over 100,000 words long….which is pretty long.  I couldn’t provide a lot about Dominic’s prior life in Before We Fall or it would’ve made the book that much longer.   Since I was impatient for you to meet Dominic, I went ahead and wrote UNTIL WE BURN as a bonus.

3.  Will the chapters for UNTIL WE BURN remain on Wattpad?

Answer:  Yes.  I am releasing UNTIL WE BURN on Amazon and B&N simply because I received a lot of requests for it.  Some readers would rather have the chapters all in one place on their Kindle or Nook.

4. Will UNTIL WE BURN be free on Amazon and B&N?

Answer:  No.  The lowest price we can price it on those sites at this time is $.99 USD.

5.  Will BEFORE WE FALL still release on December 3rd?

Answer:  Absolutely!  UNTIL WE BURN is simply an enhancement to BEFORE WE FALL, no more, no less.  It is an added look at Dominic’s dark and sexy character.


Okay.  I think that about does it.  I hope this clears up any confusion.  🙂   Basically, UNTIL WE BURN is meant as a fun little enhancement novel.  An introduction to my baddest bad boy yet.  I hope that you’ll pick it up and give Dom a chance while you’re waiting for BEFORE WE FALL to release on December 3.  Dom is well worth it, I promise.  😉

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Questions about UNTIL WE BURN”

  1. Manda November 23, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    What about the MINALDI legacy? I know you polled us about which one you should work on but I haven’t heard anything more about it and I’ve got all the beautifully broken books even until we burn, so Dec.3 seems like light years away when you need another book to read lol..can you let me know about this please? I would so appreciate it. Oh and thanks so much for putting until we burn on amazon it made it so much easier to read and $.99 is so cheap for such a great book!!!!!

    • Courtney Cole November 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

      The next Minaldi release will be toward the end of January. I’ll post details about that after Before We Fall comes out in December. 🙂 But— it’s not too far away! 🙂

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