Before We Fall Contest #2: Win a signed ARC

20 Nov

I’m sorry I didn’t post contest #2 yesterday– I’ve had a nasty bug.  Ugh.  But I’m out of bed now– and ready to roll.

For contest number two, I’d like to see pictures of Dominic Kinkaide… the main character in my novella UNTIL WE BURN and the upcoming novel, BEFORE WE FALL.

He’s tall, dark and sexy as sin.  Actually, he’d tell you that he’s FAR sexier than sin, because Sin is his brother.  For real.  (Sinclair Kinkaide– and I hope you’ll love him toooooooo).  But that’s neither here nor there right now.  Right now, you need to know what Dom looks like.

Dark hair, green eyes, sexy grin.  He’s sex on a stick, kinky, naughty, bad.  He’s an actor who is rarely told no.  He’s arrogant.  And did I mention sexy?

Sooooooo, please email me your pictures of Dominic.  You can find them online, they can be a real person, etc.  Anything goes.  Just no full-on nude pictures– the winner will be posted on my blog.   Please email me your pics (to by Tuesday Nov 26.  I’ll announce the winner on Wed the 27th.  🙂    And the winner will get a signed ARC of BEFORE WE FALL.

I can’t wait to see all the sexiness!



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