Want to read a short story about Brand from IF YOU LEAVE?

7 Aug

Hey guys!

Whew!  So I can officially say that release day for IF YOU LEAVE yesterday was a success!  All that nail biting was for nothing… because this morning when I woke up, IF YOU LEAVE was ranked 85 on Amazon.  Wooot!  I’m crossing my fingers that it continues to climb!

Which leads me to the topic of this post.


Sizzling hot, big, strong, Army Ranger who served overseas with Gabriel. Blonde. Blue-eyed.  Looks like Thor on earth. Yeah, that Brand.  The sexy as hell one.   In fact, in my head, Brand looks like this:

Chris Hemsworth as Brand Killien


Well, I’ve already gotten a few emails from you, my awesome readers, asking if Brand will have his own book.  Well, it’s too early to say anything about that. But what I CAN say is that I’ll make a deal with you.

If IF YOU LEAVE breaks the top 10 on Amazon, I will write a short story about Brand and post it on my blog.  You can read it for free— and it will give you an intimate glimpse of Brand.  And it will illustrate quite clearly exactly how Brand thinks about Jacey.

So, if this sounds interesting to you…. please help me spread the word about IF YOU LEAVE. If you liked it, please tell your friends, co-workers and family.  Please feel free to share the link to this post or the link to the Amazon product page which you can find HERE.  Word of mouth from readers is the BEST WAY to spread the news about books.  I’ve been so very blessed to have awesome readers who tell others about my books…it’s better than any paid advertisement I could ever do.  I owe every bit of whatever success I’ve had to YOU.

Also, don’t forget– as my way of thanking you for leaving reviews for IF YOU LEAVE, I want to mail you a signed postcard (and yes, that is open internationally).  All you have to do is email a link to your Amazon review to my assistant, Avery, at:  avery@courtneycoleauthor.com.   It’s a small thing, but I wanted to do something to say thank you because reviews are oh-so-important to authors.   I know your time is valuable, so the idea that you spent a few minutes of it writing a review for me is awesome.

Oooh– one more thing– I almost forgot!  I now have an awesome street team, called Club Underground (those of you who have read IF YOU LEAVE know why I chose that name! *wink*)  If you’d like to be a part, go HERE and request to join on Facebook.  It’s tons of fun– you get to hear things from me first, you can chat in a fun atmosphere and you can chat directly with me.   And as it grows bigger and bigger, the fun will only continue to grow.  Woohoo!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping to make the release of IF YOU LEAVE a success.  I can’t do what I do without you.  You’re the best readers in the world!

And now, I’ll leave you with another picture of Brand.  Look at his beautiful abs…. er….face. You know you want to know his story!  🙂

Chris Hemsworth as Brand, 2


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