Excerpt 3: IF YOU LEAVE

25 Jul

Happy Thursday, guys!

So far, I’ve released two excerpts of IF YOU LEAVE.  You can find them here and here.  

And now it’s time for Excerpt Three!  Woot!   ** Please note:  This excerpt contains adult language.  If adult language offends you, please don’t scroll down to read this excerpt**    In this excerpt, Madison is across the room from Gabriel, engaged in conversation with someone else.


From Madison’s Point of View, Excerpt Three:

Turning my head slightly, I can see Gabriel’s dark shape from the corner of my eye and I almost flush again.

Throughout this entire conversation, his smoldering stare has burned holes into me. It’s so potent that it almost feels like it’s actually touching me.  Finally, I’m unable to resist and I glance at him.

He stares back at me, his eyes stormy and dark.

What the hell is he thinking?  Is he remembering the accident?  Or is he remembering how scorchingly hot last night was before the accident?  I stare at his mouth and I can’t help but remember how it tasted last night before his meltdown.

Smoky, minty…like a man.  I gulp.

And then I die. Because with his gaze still connected to mine, he very purposefully slips his finger into his mouth, then pulls it out slowly, sucking it.

Just like he sucked the taste of me off his fingers last night.

Oh. My. God.

My cheeks explode into flame and his dark, dark eyes glimmer with amusement.  I stare at him as I realize that he’s fucking with me.  He’s purposely trying to remind me of last night.

The corner of his lip twitches and I know.

I know that he thinks he won whatever little game that he’s been playing.


Gabriel Vincent is so freaking hot… he makes me fan myself.  🙂

Anyway.  Ahem.  Let’s re-cap the events that are still going on for IF YOU LEAVE.  

1.  IF YOU LEAVE is still available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.    If you send me your receipt and your mailing address for the pre-order, I will mail you a signed postcard which contains another excerpt.

2.  If you have a friend who hasn’t read IF YOU STAY and you’ve pre-ordered IF YOU LEAVE, all you need to do is mail your receipt to my assistant, Avery, at avery@courtneycoleauthor.com and you can give a copy of IF YOU STAY to your friend for free via NetGalley.

3.  I still have a contest going on to make a fan-made trailer.  I’ve never had one and I’d love one.  So, if you’d like to make a trailer for either IF YOU STAY or IF YOU LEAVE, just email it to me by August 3rd.  I’ll post my two favorites here on my blog and voters can choose their favorite.  The winner will receive a special prize:  A signed galley copy of IF YOU LEAVE which also contains my notes about the book scribbled throughout.  It’s like stepping inside of my head, which is generally a scary place to be.

I  will have ONE last contest going on to win a regular signed ARC and I’ll release those details tomorrow.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the excerpt!



One Response to “Excerpt 3: IF YOU LEAVE”

  1. Priyanka July 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    I loved If You Stay(Pax n Mila were awesome!) and am so excited for If You Leave, but just read excerpt 2 about Mila…does she really die?? i know it would be a spoiler reveal but after reading that i can’t think or eat or sleep please tell me she doesn’t Die!! oh n Gabriel sounds super hot!!

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