Winner of the Find Your Pax contest!

11 Feb

Okay…. so you guys have voted in the FIND YOUR PAX contest… and I am a bit flabbergasted.

Alex Pettyfer didn’t win!!!  How is this possible?  *shakes head in shock and then stares longingly at the picture of Alex on my If You Stay storyboard*

In my head, this is Pax:

Alex-Pettyfer, gum in mouth


Buttttttt, the winner of the people’s choice vote goes to Jesse Pavelka, Picture 3, which was sent in by Jessica R.  (Jessica, you’ll be getting an email from me today).


jesse pavelka

I looked up another pic of Jesse from the web for your viewing pleasure:

Jesse pavelka, closeup

He’s hot and swoon-worthy.  I have to give him that.    🙂

So thank you so much to everyone who played FIND YOUR PAX.  🙂  It was fun- and my inbox appreciates it, too.  It was filled with yummy hotness all week!

Also, I just want to take a second to say thank you.  THANK YOU, thank you!!  If You Stay released early and it broke into Amazon‘s top 100 on it’s second day out of the gate and is sitting at #10 on Barnes and Noble.  I am still in shock.  But it wouldn’t have happened without awesome readers like YOU.  Thank you so, so much!!



One Response to “Winner of the Find Your Pax contest!”

  1. Ellen (@alwaysyaatheart) February 12, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    He is hot and swoon-worthy, but I totally agree that Alex Pettyfer makes a much better Pax. He just oozes with hot bad boy vibes. Though the other guy is hot, he just doesn’t look badass enough to fill Pax’s shoes :).

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