Find Your Pax Candidates

10 Feb


So by now, you probably know that If You Stay released early. You can find it on Barnes and Noble here and Amazon here.  But!  I still have the Find Your Pax contest going… the winner will receive my last signed ARC.  🙂

I got some really good pics, too, peeps!

As you know, I feel that Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Pax Tate.  However, I wanted to see if anyone could prove me wrong. And I have to admit, I got some pretty good alternatives as well as a couple of Alex Pettyfer.  🙂

Let’s start though, with Alex Pettyfer. Several people sent me this pic, so I took the first person who sent it, Kimberly S.  Eeeep.   Whoa.  He’s so freaking hot.


alex pettyfer hands in pants

Several people also sent in this pic of Alex.  And he’s so beautiful that I have to include it, as well.  The first person to send it was Wendy R.


Alex-Pettyfer, gum in mouth

Excuse me for a moment while I fan myself.

Okay.  I’m good now.  Let’s carry on with picture 3.  Jessica R. was the first to send this one in.

PICTURE 3:  Jesse Pavelka

jesse pavelka

Aseel N. sent in picture number 4.  Holy cow– this guy has a ‘come hither’ look doesn’t he?  wow.  His name is Nicholas Lemmons.

PICTURE 4- Nicholas Lemmons

Nicholas Lemmons

Melissa M. sent in picture 5.  Harvey Haydon is pretty smokin!

PICTURE 5:  Harvey Haydon


Okay, ladies.  We have two pictures of Alex Pettyfer (because I just couldn’t help myself) and three alternative choices.   Three smoking hot alternative choices.  This decision is rough.  However, I have full faith that you guys will pick the right one!  All you have to do is vote on who you think should be Pax Tate.  And the winner will receive my last signed ARC.    Eeeppp!!  Let the voting commence!!  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!  🙂


3 Responses to “Find Your Pax Candidates”

  1. Mandy (@ireadindie) February 10, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Alex Pettyfer for sure…cause even in real life dude had that cocky, douche bag personality. but lord help me…he is 50 kinds of sexy.

  2. Heather Self (@heatherself) February 10, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

    woohoo #4! 😉

  3. Lili February 10, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    one vote for #5 🙂

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