Holiday with Hotties: Hades

15 Dec

Hey everyone,

Before I begin my interview with Hades on this seventh day of my contest, I just want to say that I’m absolutely heartbroken about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As I watched the interviews yesterday on the news, my heart just shattered.  And I’m heartbroken still.  It’s an unimaginable, horrible thing.  My prayers are with the victims and their families during this horrible time.  I fell asleep last night praying about them, actually, and I will continue to pray for them.  I don’t usually speak of religious things in public forums, but it is my belief that God is the only one who can pull people through something as devastating as this.

Okay.  For today’s interview, I have Hades…  from Soul Kissed and Soul Bound (The Moonstone Saga), although he did make an appearance in My Tattered Bonds (The Bloodstone Saga).  He’s a dark enigma, the god of the Underworld.  And he is certainly fascinating.  For those that don’t know, the Hades in my books has a distinct gift of being attractive to anyone near him.   It doesn’t matter if you are female or male, you find yourself drawn to him.   It’s part of his charm… and his gift.  I’ve braced for it today.  I’ll be in close proximity with him… the things I do for my readers!  🙂


(To set the stage, Hades is sitting on the sofa in my office.  He’s wearing black slacks, a white shirt with unbuttoned french cuffs and polished shoes.  He’s got dark hair, dark eyes and his entire persona radiates something dangerous.  I’m both immediately put on edge and attracted to him.  I sit on the far end of the sofa).

Me:  Hades, the last I heard from you was at the end of Soul Bound, when you and Empusa were readying for a war of the gods.  I don’t want any spoilers here, for readers who haven’t yet read the book, but can you tell me if Empusa is doing alright?  What preparations are you making for war?

Hades:  *arches an elegant eyebrow*  Why thank you, Courtney.  It’s so good to be here.  (I grin sheepishly as I realize that I didn’t thank him for being here.)   Em is doing very well.  She’s strong, like her father, and she is ready to do anything that she must do.

Me:  I’m glad to hear that.  In Soul Bound, you got to spend quite some time with Brennan, Em’s love interest.  Is it safe to say that you came to like him?

Hades:  *stares at me*  Oh, Courtney,  my dear.  I would have thought that you would better understand the world of the gods by now.  It matters not if I like him. The only thing matters is if I can trust him- and that still remains to be seen.

Me:  Okay.  Valid point.  Can you at least concede that you realize now that Em truly loves him?

Hades:  *smiles charmingly and my knees grow weak*  I realize that Empusa truly loves him.  But the gods are fickle, my dear.  We are able to love many.

Me:  *smiles back*  That may be true, but most of you have someone that you are loyal to, someone that you love the most.  I’m sure that is the case for Brennan and Em.  And Persephone is that for you.  You might stray from her, but you always return to her side.  Correct?

Hades:  Of course.  She’s my wife and I love her.  Love is a relative thing.

Me: Um.  I think Love is fairly absolute.  You either love someone or you don’t.  It’s not really relative.

Hades:  *shakes head*  Oh, dear Courtney.  You’re mortal.  You don’t understand the vast breadth of everything.  Everything is relative, really.  Everything is fluid.  You will see that someday when you pass into the Underworld.

Me:  Well, hopefully that won’t be for quite a while.

Hades:  *stares*  We’ll see.  But when the time comes, you will enjoy my home.  It is more beautiful than anywhere in the world.

Me:  *politely*  Well, I’ll take your word for it for now.   Will you be giving Persephone a special gift for the holidays?  I realize that the gods don’t celebrate Christmas as we do, but I also know that you enjoy any excuse to celebrate.

Hades:  *shakes head*  I shower Persephone with gifts throughout the year.  She wants for nothing.  As soon as she does, I make sure the want is satisfied.

Me:  Um.  Okay.  You’re so matter of fact today.  You don’t seem yourself.  Is something wrong?

Hades:  No.  I’m sorry if I’m distracted. But we are planning a war, you know.  And I should probably get back to it.  I do thank you, dear, for having me here.  And I hope you and your readers have very happy holidays.

And he’s gone. Instantly.  He just vanished from my office and I’m sure he’s already back in the Underworld.  I have to shake my head– because I’ll never get used to that.

So, apparently our interview is finished.  I apologize that it ended so abruptly.  But Hades is Hades and you never know what he’ll do.

You have a letter from him today though- hidden in the post.  Yayyy!!  Tomorrow will be the last letter!

Please come back tomorrow– it’s a big day for me.   Not only is it the final day of the contest, when you will have the final letter to enter for the prize pack, but I also will be revealing my new leading man– and the cover for his book. I’m really excited about that.

Please also  join me today in praying for the victims of the Connecticut tragedy.  Hug your kids tight and be thankful for your family.




2 Responses to “Holiday with Hotties: Hades”

  1. Autumn @TheAutumnReview December 15, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    I still need to read this series.

    • Meg December 15, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

      Oh Hades, how I love you.

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