Holiday with Hotties: Dante

11 Dec

Eeeep!! For Day 3 of Holiday with Hotties, I have Dante Giliberti here from Dante’s Girl (Book One of the Paradise Diaries).  I thought if anyone could perk us up on a blah Tuesday, it was Dante.

I love Dante. He’s truly one of my fave leading men.   Because I pretty much think that Alex Pettyfer should play pretty much every male lead role on the planet, I picture Dante looking quite a bit like Alex Pettyfer… Alex Pettyfer the preppy good guy, that is.  Not the bad boy Alex Pettyfer (which is also smoking hot).   This is how I picture Dante:

Alex Pettyfer as Dante

*fans self before continuing*

So, back to Dante’s Girl.  Ahem.  And the contest.  Don’t forget– check here every day this week to collect letters hidden in the post.  At the end of the week (on Sunday) put the letters together to form a phrase and enter the phrase to win a Merry Christmas Prize Pack from me!  🙂



In Dante’s Girl, Dante and Reece struggled to overcome their differences to be together.  I loved writing it, and I love having Dante here today to hear a bit more from him.  I’ve missed him… and here he is!


Me:  Dante!  I’ve missed you.  How have you been?  What are you up to?

Dante:  *flashes that famous grin*  I’ve missed you, too!  I’ve been good.  Reece and I are just getting ready for Christmas, checking into colleges, you know, the normal stuff.

Me:  So you’re still in Caberra?

Dante:  Yes. After we returned to help clean up after the earthquake, we decided to stay through the end of the year.  There’s no place like home.

Me:  What are you going to do for Reece for Christmas?  I’m guessing it will be something big.

Dante:  *grins again*  I don’t know about big, but I’m taking her on a Mediterranean cruise.  I think she’ll like it.

Me:  *green with envy*  I know she’ll like that.  What girl wouldn’t?

Dante:  That’s what I’m hoping.  *laughs*

Me:  Does it ever get tiring being so perfect?  (The words are out before I can help it).

Dante:  *laughs good-naturedly*  I’m so not perfect.  Just ask Reece.  Or Gavin.  They can tell you.

Me:  Speaking of Gavin, how is he?  After the whole debacle with Mia and Quinn, I’ve been worried about him.

Dante:  He’s fine.  That’s one thing about Gavin.  He always bounces back.

Me:  Whew.  That’s good.  I’ll stop worrying now.  Dante, it’s been amazing to have you here.  I hope you and Reece have a beautiful Christmas and that you get into the college of your dreams.

Dante:  *smiles*  *my knees go weak*  Thank you, Courtney.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas, too.


So there you have it.  A word from Dante himself and two more letters for the contest.  Check back tomorrow to hear from Quinn (from Mia’s Heart).  Have a great Tuesday!



One Response to “Holiday with Hotties: Dante”

  1. Autumn @TheAutumnReview December 11, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Love that boy.

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