Holiday with Hotties: Brennan

10 Dec

Welcome to the second day of Holiday with Hotties!

To refresh your memory, you just need to find the hidden letters in every post. On the last day of the contest, just enter the phrase to win. Woot!

Today, I’m featuring Brennan from The Moonstone Saga. And I must apologize, I’m having some technical difficulties today, so this will be an abbreviated post. 😦

Soul Kissed

Brennan is Em’s love interest in The Moonstone Saga (Soul Kissed, Soul Bound and the upcoming, Princess of the Night).  I have him here today to talk a out Christmas.


Me: So, you were raised in the mortal world. Did you celebrate Christmas?

Brennan: of course! It’s my favorite holiday.

Me: Will you do anything special for Empusa?

Brennan: *grins*. I’ve got a few things up my sleeve to cheer her up, yes.

Me: is Empusa doing alright, now that she is gearing up for a battle against the gods?

Brennan: She’s doing as well as can be expected, given all the circumstances.

Me: I know that must be a sore subject, so let’s move on. What was your favorite Christmas gift as a child?

Brennan: My grandpa gave me his watch one year before he died. I still carry it, even though time isn’t the same in the Underworld.

Me: Nice! What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Brennan: I love it because everyone is so happy. Everything seems sacred and shiny, somehow. It’s like everyone gets a new start. It’s a beautiful time of year.

Me: I agree! I can’t wait To hear how your story unfolds in the last book of your series. It’s bound to be epic.

Brennan: *grins mischievously*. I’ll try to oblige you.

Me: Thank you for being here, Brennan. Happy holidays!

Brennan: Happy holidays to you, too!

And he’s gone. He sure is picking up the whole vanishing act thing quickly. But anyway, it was good to hear from him!

I’m sorry, but my technical difficulties are preventing me from uploading photos, or holding or underlining words. So, I’m just giving them to you today. V and E. So now you have two more letters! Check out day 3 tomorrow for 2 more! 🙂


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