Confessions of an Alli Cat is AVAILABLE! Yayyyy!

25 Oct

Confessions of an Alli Cat (Book One in the Cougar Chronicles) is available today on Amazon!!  Yayyyyy.  It will be available on Barnes and Noble soon.

So, in honor of Early Release Day, here is the last Teaser for Alli:


I fill our glasses back up with the last of the wine and we sit back, our heads leaned together. Sara picks up her leg and starts counting the stars with her toe.

“You’d better stay here tonight,” I tell her.  “You shouldn’t drive.”

“You’ve got that right, sister,” she mumbles.

I can tell from her super relaxed face that I need to get her out of the hot tub, pronto, before she falls asleep. And that is what leads to the fact that I am hoisting her naked body out of the water when Mr. Darnell goes into his backyard to take his trash out.

At this point in the day, I don’t even care.  I just wave over my shoulder, ignoring his flabbergasted expression, as I help Sara into my house.

We’re both naked and dripping wet.

This day just can’t get any worse.

And nobody should ever say that.  Because what always happens when they do?

Things get worse.

That’s right.

Well, not exactly worse, but definitely uncomfortable. And slightly hilarious (in hindsight).


Because I was so tired, after I dropped Sara onto one side of my bed and covered her up, I laid down for just a second on the other side.  For just for one second.

But apparently, when two people split four bottles of wine, it does something to their sense of time.  Because when I open my eyes, it is morning and Sophie is standing over me.

“’Morning, honey,” I mumble.  She raises an eyebrow.

“I guess it is,” she says. “But not as good as last night, apparently.  Why are you and Aunt Sara naked together in your bed?”


I sit straight up and look at Sara.  She is sleeping soundly, snoring softly, with drool pooling on my expensive brushed Egyptian cotton sheets.

And she is naked.

And I am naked.

I sigh.

“Obviously, it’s not what it looks like,” I tell Sophie as I jab Sara in the ribs.

“Of course not,” Sophie giggles, as she turns to walk out of the room.  “Have a good day, mom.  I just came by to pick up my math book.  You’d better hurry. You’re going to be late for work.”

I look at the clock and then leap from the bed, yanking all of Sara’s covers off in the process.

I only have fifteen minutes to get ready.  Efffffffff.

“Sara!” I yell as I head for the bathroom. “Get up.  We’re late.”

She sits up and looks around bewilderedly.  “Did we get drunk and drive to Vegas and get married?”

I laugh as I start the shower.  “You’re half right.  We got drunk, you cussed out Rick the Dick and then called my new boss a Tiny Dick.  And we live in Vegas.”

She looks shocked, then she smiles at me.  “You’re just lucky your best friend is such a bad ass.”

I sigh.

“Get your bad ass in Sophie’s shower.  We’re going to be late.”

She laughs and stumbles down the hall as I jump in the shower and try to figure out how I’m going to look Alex in the face today.


Alli is available now on Amazon.  You can find it here.  It will be available on B&N soon.  I really, really hope you like it.


One Response to “Confessions of an Alli Cat is AVAILABLE! Yayyyy!”

  1. Cindy Petersen October 30, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Just read Confessions of an Alli Cat, and LOVED IT!! I haven’t laughed that hard and often in a long time while reading a book. Such a cute and fun story! Keep them coming. Is it to soon to ask when the #2 Cougar chronicles will be out?

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