Teaser #2: Confessions of an Alli Cat

19 Oct

Happy Friday!

I thought I would celebrate the end of the workweek with Teaser #2 from my upcoming book, Confessions of an Alli Cat.  In this excerpt, Alli’s devil-of-a-best-friend, Sara, has talked Alli into hiring a male companion to ease her transition back into the dating world.

Teaser #2:

Holy freaking Hell. 

I’m internally having a panic attack because I’ve never been blind-folded before.  And here I am, letting a male prostitute blindfold me and lead me away to his sex nest.

“Breathe, Allison,” the beautiful male prostitute tells me in my ear.  His voice is husky and rich, like hot caramel or warm maple syrup…or even better, like melted chocolate.  I swallow, instantly hungry and turned on at the same time.

“Okay,” I agree, trying to force my traitorous lungs to fill with air.

They are having none of it though and I gasp like an idiot, even though the blindfold is velvet and satin.  It’s hardly uncomfortable, but it still makes me anxious.   What is waiting for me that they need to blind me for?  Weird whips and chains?  Hand cuffs and ben wah balls?

Holy freaking hell.

I am practically panting when I hear a door being unlocked with the swipe of a card.  I hear it click and then a doorknob turning.  Then I am being gently pulled into the sex nest.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

What have I done?

I’m in a freaking sex nest!

I’m too old for this shit.

Then the blindfold is taken off.

And I am surrounded by luxury.   By heavy, expensive furniture. By thick and cushiony duvet covers and pillows.  By opulent decorations in crystal and mahogany.  By sheer normalcy in this room.  Sheer. Freaking. Normalcy.  I’m shocked.

And I must look it, because Shade turns to me and laughs.

“What?” he grins.  “Were you expecting something else?”

“Yes,” I admit.  “I don’t know what.  But not this.”

“Perhaps this?” Shade suggests and pushes a button on the wall.  A door on the ceiling slides silently open and a sex swing drops down, dangling at the edge of the bed.

I gulp as I realize that it looks like a noose… a noose that I’m probably going to hang myself with.

“Maybe,” I answer.

I examine it closer.  It’s terrifying.  It looks like a contraption of torture, like something out of Morticia and Gomez Addams’ bedroom.  The harness is lined with cushiony velvet.  But it still doesn’t look comfortable. And maybe not even legal.  I gulp again.

Shade laughs again.


I nod.

“Don’t be,” he tells me, his voice buttery smooth.  He moves closer to me and I unconsciously step back.  He grins again. And I suddenly feel like a lion and its prey. “We don’t have to use it.  Yet.”


Poor Alli.  Sara’s always talking her into something.  🙂

Anyway, you can bookmark Confessions of an Alli Cat on Goodreads  and it releases for purchase on Sunday, Oct 28th.  Yay!

Also, just a note to anyone who won a prize pack from my blog tours last week:  This week has been bananas.  I’ll get them mailed out next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!   Be good!  Or not– that’s entirely up to you.  🙂


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