Mia Giannis Interview from Dante’s Girl

5 Jul

So this week, I’m highlighting the characters from Dante’s Girl in interviews here on my blog.  I’ve already had Dante, Reece was featured over at Autumn Review (You can see that interview here) and today, I am lucky enough to have Mia Giannis here with us.

If you haven’t read Dante’s Girl yet, let me give you a little background.  Mia Giannis lives in Caberra and while Reece Ellis was there on an impromptu trip, the two became good friends.

Mia looks very much like this picture of Sneha Ullal, except that Mia has a tendency to put colored stripes in her hair.   Her stripes  are purple today.

Me:  Mia, thank you so much for being here today.

Mia:  You’re quite welcome- anytime.

Me:  So, tell me.  It must have been hard to realize that Vincent wasn’t everything that he seemed to be.  What were your thoughts?

Mia:  My first thought was disbelief.  I couldn’t believe that I had been so completely taken in by him.  I didn’t sense that there was anything wrong with him at all.  It was a little unnerving.

Me:  I can imagine.  What has happened to him?  Is he in prison?

Mia:  Yes.  And that’s where he belongs.

Me:  And Nate?

Mia:  Nate is a juvenile with a very important father.  He was put in a juvenile facility where I am sure he will be released from when he turns 18.  It’s ridiculous.

Me:  I sense a little anger there.

Mia:  *Nods*  I can’t help it.  He deserves so much more than he is going to get.  It’s not fair.

Me:  Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair.  But in my experience, Karma always bites you if you deserve it.

Mia:  I hope so.

Me:  Have you heard from Reece recently?

Mia:  She emails and texts me every day. Kansas is apparently very hot still.  And she’s wishing that she and Dante had returned to Caberra for senior year.   The whole “he’ll travel to Kansas to prove his love” thing was awesome, but she can’t wait to get back to Caberra.  She fell in love with it when she was here.

Me:  And its prince.

Mia:  *nods*  And its prince.

Me:  What is Dante like as a friend?  Is he as perfect as he seems?

Mia:  I’d like to be able to dish with you and give you dirt and tell you that he’s not, but he really is.  He’s a great friend, one of my best.  And he’s as loyal as the day is long. I think that comes from his father’s position.  A lot of people have wanted to get close to Dante for political reasons and so he very much values his true friends.  I seriously count myself fortunate that he is one of my best friends.  He’s a really good guy.

Me:  If he’s so perfect, did you ever have a crush on him?

Mia:  *grins*  Maybe once- a long time ago. We were in kindergarten, I think.  But then he took my red crayon and it was all downhill after that.

Me:  *laughs*  So Dante is a crayon thief?

Mia:  Sure is.  Don’t tell him I told you, though.

Me:  Your secret is safe with me.   Thank you so much for being here, Mia.  I really do look forward to learning more about you in the Paradise Diaries.  You seem like a really fun person.

Mia:  Well, I’d like to think so.  *grins again*  Thank you for having me.  It was a pleasure.

* * *

Dante’s Girl is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


One Response to “Mia Giannis Interview from Dante’s Girl”

  1. hopelessandme or Barbara July 5, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    I love the way you introduce readers to your books, by just down right inticing us by interviewing the participants in the stories! Looks like I am going to have to get back to checking out your sites more frequently! Keep up the good work!!

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