A Few Announcements

21 Jun

So, I have a couple of announcements to make.

First and most importantly, my newest novel, Dante’s Girl will be released early.  As in SUNDAY JUNE 24th!!!   It will be available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com.  I’ll post the links on Sunday.  Yay!!!  I’m so excited you can’t even imagine.

I’ll be hosting some contests to win signed copies, signed glossies and e-books.  So definitely check back here on Sunday, same Bat time, same Bat place.   (And no.  I’m not old enough to remember the original Bat Man saying that on the original series…)

Second, I have an announcement about the third book in the Moonstone Saga.   Quite a few people have been asking me when Princess of the Night will be released.  The answer is:  I don’t know.  I’m sorry.   It will be released.  I just don’t have a specific date yet.  It will most likely be in the late Fall.  But stay tuned.  I’ll announce it when I have a date.

Third.  I have also been getting inquiries on the sequel to Princess.   That book, Glass Castles, has been shelved for the time being.  It will be written.  But it has been pushed a little further back on my schedule for now.  I will definitely let you know when I have a date for that one.

So, back to Dante’s Girl.  I’m really hoping that you will love it.   Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a Dream Cast post— so you can see who exactly is in my head when I picture Dante and Reece.   And maybe on Saturday I’ll share my playlist.   I don’t listen to music while I write, but I do listen to music when I plot, which is usually when I jog in the morning.   But anyway- these things are coming soon.

‘Til then, be good and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.  (Although, that doesn’t rule a lot out….)



One Response to “A Few Announcements”

  1. Zareen June 22, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    I cannot wait! Sunday come soon please!!

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