Winners of the Birthday Bash Prizes!!

28 Apr


Happy Saturday, everyone!  It’s rainy and cold here in lovely Michiana, but I’m sure it’s warm and dry elsewhere, right?  I’m not going to complain.  It gives me the opportunity to make chili and curl up in front of the fireplace for what is probably the last day of the year.   Silver linings, right?

Anyway.   I wanted to announce the winners of the Birthday Bash prizes!  So exciting!   Several people tweeted so many times that they got many multiple entries and won more than one prize, so make sure you read all the way through them to make sure you don’t miss something.

Here goes:

Bloodstone Saga t-shirts:  Jessirae Lloyd (@xjessirae) and Danielle Morales (@danilove413)

Signed copies of Every Last Kiss:  Pamela Rosensteel (@vanillaorchids) and Breila (@goldensunangel)

Signed copies of House of Thebes:  Helen (@helldog3), Jessirae Lloyd (@xjessirae), Danielle Morales (@danilove413), Vivien (@deadtossedwaves), Celeste (@itsmeceleste)

A “Cadmus” bracelet and a signed bookmark:  Helen (@helldog3) and Ana (@beingbold)

A signed bookmark and a Greek drachma:  Danna (@dannamarie), Nat Cleary (@natcleary), Laura Thomas (@laurathomas), CE Hart (@CEHartAuthor) and Sabrina Spicer (@tngal1977).

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and helped make Every Last Kiss‘ birthday bash so awesome.  I truly, truly appreciate it!    If you were a winner, email me your mailing address at:  courtneycolewrites (at)  I’ll be mailing the prizes out next week.   Have a fabulous weekend!!


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