YA Indie Carnival: Luck O’ the Irish!

16 Mar

Happy Friday, folks!!

Today’s topic for the YA Indie Carnival is the Luck of the Irish.  And… since I happen to live in the city that is home to Notre Dame (Go Irish!!), I know a little bit about that.   People in my city are religious about our Irish and pre-game traditions.

Before big football games, thousands of people cram into the parking lots of Notre Dame for tailgating… coolers, barbeques, hanging out… and craziness abounds.  Then the game starts and the craziness continues.

It’s all about tradition.  And honestly, that’s part of what I think LUCK is.  I don’t think there is such a thing as LUCK, per se.  There is well timed planning, there is foresight, there is tradition, there is focus.  But as far as things randomly happening, I’m not a big believer in that.

You get lucky, if you want to call it that, by being prepared so that when a moment of opportunity arises, you are able to grasp it.  You make your own luck.  Just ask the Notre Dame football players.  If they win a game, they aren’t going to tell you that it’s because they jumped up and slapped the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign on their way out of the locker room (although they definitely do that)…. they will tell you it’s because they worked for it, they practiced, they were READY.

So, my message today is… don’t sit and wait for things to happen to you.  If you want something- work for it and you will achieve it.  Luck has nothing to do with it.

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect here… Yay!!

You can check out my colleagues’ thoughts on luck. You can find a list of their posts here.  

Oh– and Play Like a Champion Today!  🙂


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