Cover Reveal: Soul Bound

16 Mar

Hi again!

I totally forgot that I was going to reveal the cover today for book two in the Moonstone Saga… SOUL BOUND.    So, without further ado…. here it is:

Do you like it?  I hope so.   And to go along with it… here’s a quick blurb about the book:

The gods are playing games again and this time it’s going to get ugly. 

 Empusa is the daughter of the goddess of witchcraft and the moon.  As a child of the moon, she has all of the ethereal lunar powers that come with it.  She is beautiful, vulnerable and strong.  But since she is cursed by her father to drink souls and mortal blood, her powers will come back to haunt her…

 Brennan is the son of Apollo, the god of the sun.  As a child of the sun, he is handsome, golden, brave and strong.  He’s just learning to harness his own immortal powers, only there isn’t much time…

 There’s an ugly, twisted storm brewing on Olympus and Brennan and Em are in the center of it.  Their powers are conflicting, polar opposites.  If they can’t learn to handle their abilities without killing each other, they will kill everyone in the mortal world, as well.  Time is ticking and the gods are watching.  Who will rise, who will fall and who will be left standing?

Soul Bound is coming soon, although I don’t have the exact release date yet.  But, you can go ahead and mark it as t0-read on Goodreads here.  I’ll let you know more details as I know them.

I hope you are having an awesome Friday!


One Response to “Cover Reveal: Soul Bound”

  1. Deb Novack March 16, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    Great cover!

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