The Dreaded, Horrible “W-Word”

2 Mar

Hi everyone!  This week on the YA Indie Carnival, we’re talking about the most dreaded two words in the author’s vocabulary.  That’s right.  Writer’s Block.  More specifically, what we do when we encounter it.

I personally grab a club and beat the nasty thing into submission.  Kidding.  But I would totally do that if Writer’s Block was a tangible thing.   Since it’s not… this is what I do.  I pretend that it doesn’t exist.  If I acknowledge that it is happening, then it gives it more power… I would subconsciously place more and more emphasis on it inside my brain and it would snowball.

So, instead, when I feel… less than creative, I just keep writing.  That’s the trick. I just keep plugging along and even if what I write is experiencing some major SUCKAGE, I write anyway.  I figure that I can always revise it later. That’s what the delete key was invented for.

So, that’s my advice to any writers or aspiring writers.  JUST.  KEEP.  WRITING.  Just do it.  <<—  Someone should make that a slogan.  🙂

If you want to read what my very talented and bright colleagues have to say on this subject, you can find a list of their posts here.

Have a great weekend!!


One Response to “The Dreaded, Horrible “W-Word””

  1. Melissa Pearl (@MelissaPearlG) March 2, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Very cool post, Courtney. I like your method. I definitely go through patches where my writing sucks, but that’s what editing’s for, right 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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