Sealed With a Kiss!

8 Feb

Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, a group of the Paranormal Plumes and I decided to take turns writing about our first kiss… or the first one that really mattered, anyway.

Obviously, the first one that counts for me anymore is my first kiss with my husband…so I figured I’d share that with you. It’s not a super-exciting story, but it’s mine.  🙂

I was introduced to my husband by a mutual friend after I moved to Indiana from Kansas.  Before we ever met face to face, he and I  emailed back and forth for a good two months.  I think I fell in love with his sense of humor long before I even saw his face.  For me, a great sense of humor is absolutely essential-the most important thing.  I love to laugh.

The night that I met him, we decided to have dinner.  I told him what I would be wearing and he told me the same.  We met at the restaurant and sat and talked for hours…instantly clicking.  He was tall, handsome and I loved his smile.  When it was time to go home, he walked me to my car.

But he didn’t kiss me.   In fact, he didn’t even ask me for my phone number!  I was totally astounded since I thought the date had been awesome.

Puzzled, I asked him, “Do you want my number?”   He very hurriedly took it- cramming the number into his phone as fast as he could.  I couldn’t figure it out- because like I said, I totally thought we had had an awesome time.  (I learned later that it was because he had a horribly upset stomach- and he didn’t want to be sick all over me.  Nice!)

So we didn’t kiss that night. But he did email me the next day to tell me what a great time he’d had and asked, “When do I get to see you again?”  I thought it was a sweet question and we got together the next weekend.

We went to eat at a great local Mexican place and then went back to his apartment for a movie.  He sat on his end of the couch and I sat on mine, never touching… and the entire time I was thinking… what is the deal here?  We were hitting it off perfectly, we were clearly attracted to each other.  Why is this guy not making a move?  Am I misreading this?  Am I a total idiot and can no longer speak a fluent dating language?

After the movie ended (and to this day, I can’t even tell you what it was), I got up to leave.  He started joking about something… something about hearing voices.  I laughed and asked him what the voices were telling him.  And he said, “They want me to kiss you.”

So he did.  And it was amazing.  He was absolutely, without a doubt, the best kisser ever.  Hands down, end of story.   I apologize to the other guys in the world who I have kissed… truly.  But my husband has that one won.

Anyway.  Here we are, over a decade later, and I still think that is true.  My husband is the best kisser in the world and he is still making me laugh.

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone!

It’s my friend Nichole Chase’s turn to dish about her first kiss tomorrow.  Check her out!


3 Responses to “Sealed With a Kiss!”

  1. Catherine Lee February 9, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    I thought that you were going to say that he had another upset tummy after the Mexican food…LOL. THAT would be memorable, too.

  2. the autumn review (@theautumnreview) February 9, 2012 at 4:45 am #

    Awe poor guy with the stomach ache! Very sweet story! I’m loving reading all these from you girls!

  3. Pam February 9, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    What a cute story! I think it’s nice that he could joke about hearing voices. I mean anyone else might have thought he was nuts, even if he did say it in a joking way.
    Glad things worked out so well for the both of you! 🙂

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