Why Do We Love Vampires Soooo Much?

16 Jan

I was thinking about this on the way to the grocery store earlier.  (I know… random thoughts by Courtney Cole…)

What was I thinking of, you might ask?       Oh, this…this…. and this.  🙂


Why do we have such a love affair with vampires?  In theory, we should be disgusted.  Cold, dead vampire skin should be repulsive… and let’s not even think about the…um, private vampire parts… which would/should be cold and dead, too.  Eew.

But these guys don’t look cold and dead, do they?

Sigh.  Man, is Eric like the hottest thing on the face of the planet or what?  And I don’t usually even go for blondes.  And therein, I rest my point.   There’s something so inordinately sexy and romantic about the fact that vampires are immortal.  The sheer thought that they have been around for hundreds of years, gleaning experience as they go… is just tantalizing.  They are forbidden, mythical, magical.  Total sexiness.

And because the thought is so sexy, we tend to gloss over what the physical reality would be.  Drinking blood?  Eew.   Sleeping Underground like in Trueblood?  Eew.   Never being able to go out in sunlight?   No thanks.   Cold, creepy vampire skin?  Eew.

But the romantic thoughts in my head… well, they don’t include any of those icky things.  In my head, they are warm, vibrant and real.  And very, very romantic.   Of course, in my head, I alter quite a lot of reality.  For instance, in my head, Taylor Lautner is a bit taller and is 29.  🙂  But we won’t go there.

I was thinking about this fascination with vampires because I was thinking about my new book, Soul Kissed.  I had always said that I wouldn’t write a vampire book- not because I didn’t like them, but because there is already so much good vampire stuff out there. The market doesn’t need my take on the subject.    And Soul Kissed toes that vampire border, but doesn’t exactly cross it.

The main character Em, is the daughter of the goddess of witchcraft and she’s been cursed as a soul-sucking blood-drinker. But she’s not a vampire.   Really. She’s not- just ask her.   And her love interest may or may not end up being immortal- but he’s definitely not a vampire and he’s certainly not dead.  He’s warm and vibrant- the total opposite of a vampire.  I hope you find him as sexy as I do.   (Yes, Brennan actually exists in my mind.  Hey, my mind is a very colorful place…)

Anyway, Soul Kissed is available now on Amazon here.  And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow it for free.  🙂

Anyway, this ends my totally random and pointless musings about why vampires are so sexy.    If you’d like to chime in the comments section about why YOU think vampires are sexy, feel free.  I’m curious about what other people’s thoughts are on this subject.  🙂

Have a great day, everyone!


4 Responses to “Why Do We Love Vampires Soooo Much?”

  1. vanillaorchids69 January 16, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    I am really not sure why I find vampires so appealing. Even when I was young I loved watching vampire movies … even if the vampires in them weren’t exactly sexy looking. There was just something that drew me to them. I think I like the immortal aspect and the fangs and the passion. Course, I love Twilight and I’m fine that the vampires in Twilight don’t have fangs. I rather enjoy that not all vampires in books have the same characteristics. That’s what makes them interesting and unique to me.

    Loved this: “For instance, in my head, Taylor Lautner is a bit taller and is 29. 🙂 But we won’t go there.” LOL I worked as an extra in Taylor’s movie Abduction and I will say he’s as nice looking in person … maybe better. 😀

    Soul Kissed sounds great, by the way! I’m looking forward to reading Every Last Kiss soon! 🙂


  2. Wanda L Flanagan January 16, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    The immortality is a big draw but Id have to say for me I love vampires cause Ive always had a thing for bad boys and vamps are the ultimate bad boys lol.I ove a tortured man whos looking for redemption ,he wants a soulmte and well those fangs those fangs those fangs 🙂


  3. Cheri Schmidt January 17, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    I’ve loved vampires since movies like Love at First Bite, which I first saw on TV because I was only ten when it came out and didn’t discover it until later. It’s so dated, and so funny, but it’s what sparked my interest in the fanged hotties. Great post Courtney!

  4. Caitlin January 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    I absolutely love how sexy vampires have become. Ok maybe not the whole drink blood thing but the whole I am a badass immortal thing. And plus Ian Somerhalder plays one so yes I love vampires. Vampire Diaries is my favorite series(sorry only talking about the show here) and I love what they have done with the paranormals. Even the hybrids are hott. Hello Klaus and Tyler lol. It’s so cool they can actually walk in daylight and they’re super fast and strong. Oh and I love bad boys so also a draw. I hope future vampires will be just as gorgeous and awesome as these guys.

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