The Making of the Fabulous Cover of Winnemucca

10 Dec

Hey guys!    So, I’ve long been in love with the cover of my friend Laura Elliott’s book, Winnemucca.   It’s a picture of a girl’s legs walking down a highway… and it instantly leaves you wondering…. where’s she going?    Well, my friend Laura is here today to discuss that very thing.   Here’s Laura– she’ll explain the story of this fascinating cover…she designed it herself!!



*Laura Elliott steps up to the mic, taps it to see if it’s on… and speaks*

“The background is a photo of Highway 33, just outside of Avenal, CA in the San Joaquin Valley. This is where we meet Ginny, a seventeen-year-old girl who is just beginning her enchanted road trip to her true self where she’ll find that fear’s as blind as love. The walk takes her to the state prison just outside of town. You see a glimpse of the prison on the right-hand side of the cover, complete with barbed wire fences and a guard tower. When my photographer and hubby Joe [who has AWESOME gift-wrapping powers, BTW] went to take the photo, he knew I also really wanted a picture of the Avenal State Prison sign too because it is there that Ginny awakens to her intuition for the first time and becomes a Child of The Road. So, after Joe took this photo he drove further up the road and when he took a few pictures of the sign, he was swarmed with sheriffs. They asked him what he was doing. I wish I could have heard the convo. In my head it goes something like this: My wife wrote a book and the main character takes an enchanted road trip where she has a mystical experience of awakening to her own intuition right here at the state prison sign…Um. Our bad. Note to self: Can’t take pictures of prisons. The sheriffs were nice enough but deleted a bunch of photos on Joe’s camera. I’m super happy that they didn’t arrest him and even happier that they didn’t delete this photo, one of two I used to make the cover.”

Um… it’s at this point where I’m supposed to show you the two pictures that Laura combined to create this gorgeous cover, but because I’m so Technologically Challenged, I can’t get the pictures to upload.  I’m sorry!!   She combined a picture of the road that she described above- leading up to a prison- and one of  model walking.  The end result is super amazing, don’t you agree?

You can learn more about my awesome friend, Laura Elliott on her website, Laura’s Magic Day.  I woudl recommend that you check her out. She’s just an all-around awesomesauce person.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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