Bella’s Nook: A Review of Fairy Metal Thunder

14 Nov

Hi everyone!  As you know, from time to time, my daughter Bella reviews books on my website.  She recently read and loved JL Bryan’s book, Fairy Metal Thunder, book one in the Songs of Magic series.  She’s here today to talk about it….

Hi!  I’m Bella and I’m going to review Fairy Metal Thunder by JL Bryan.  My favorite thing about this book is that nothing in it made me sad.  I really hate it when books make me cry.  This book is happy- it’s got fairies, goblins a dragon, a unicorn named Buttercup and a teenage rock band. I ended up really loving the book- so much that I changed my Halloween costume so that I could be a Rock Star Fairy. 

 Fairy Metal Thunder begins when one of the teenagers  find some magic instruments from the fairy world and they start using them in their band, which of course they weren’t supposed to do.  All kinds of things happen because they did this- and I have to say that J.L. Bryan is very creative.  I loved not knowing what was going to happen next.

Until they found the enchanted instruments, the band, The Assorted Zebras,  wasn’t very good.  Well, they were, but no one knew about them. Once they used the instruments, they became really popular and even though they should’ve given the instruments back, they didn’t. 

Jason, the main character, has a crush on Erin, the lead singer in their band.  The problem with that is that she already has a boyfriend, a really rich, cool guy.  I was really happy when Jason and Erin kissed and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book. 

The Fairy World that Jason ventured into when he found the instruments is amazing.  JL Bryan described it in such detail that I honestly felt like I was there.  I hope in the next books we see more of this world because it was very interesting.

My opinion is that this is a great book- and it is a great book that everyone can and should read. There aren’t any parts that are inappropriate for kids my age and it is also a good book for adults to read, too.  I think it is a magical, fun book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


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