Soooo Close I Can Hardly Stand It!!

27 Jul

Oh my gosh.  The release date for The Glassheart Chronicles is soooo close I can hardly stand it!  Patience is not one of my virtues. 

For authors, release dates are so exciting.  The books that we work so hard on and pour our souls into are suddenly released into the world for everyone to see and review, to love or hate.  It’s exciting and humbling and scary and wonderful, all rolled into one little bound book (or e-book). 

And on August 1, the short story anthology that I’ve been working hard on is finally going to be published for the world to see.  I’m so proud to be featured in this collection with these other awesome authors.  It’s very humbling to be next to such talent.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out the other authors:

  • J.L. Bryan, author of Jenny Pox, (The Paranomals).  He’s super-cool and reminds me of a better looking Stepen King. 
  • Nicole Williams, author of Eternal Eden (The Eden Trilogy), she’s so sweet that I just wish I could bake her into a cookie.
  • Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey (The Leaving Series).  Zany, adorable and funny, I just know you’ll love her as much as I do.
  • Wren Emerson, author of I Wish.  I talk about her all of the time- she’s hilarious, snarky and one of my besties.
  • Amy Maurer-Jones, author of Soul Quest (The Soul Quest Trilogy).  Poised and gracious, she’s one of a kind. 
  • Tiffany King, author of Meant To Be (The Saving Angels series) and all-around super-amazing.  Champion of indies, friend to so many, I would hug her every day if I could.

So… if you need something to do for a few minutes, go ahead and check these guys out. They’re amazing.   And on August 1, do look up The Glassheart Chronicles.  These writers completely shine in it.   It will be available on Amazon and Barnes and


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