What Happened in Eris’ house?

24 Jul

So, I know I’ve mentioned that I’m participating in an upcoming short story anthology with a group of super-cool authors, right?  Yes?  Well, I don’t think I’ve mentioned what my short story is about.

Remember in Fated, when Tara Wilson (who is actually Eris) takes Gavin (who is actually Cadmus) to her home in the Spiritlands?  Oh- and there’s the small complication where she bewitches him with a powerful love potion into believing that he is in love with her and tricking him into forgetting that Macy (who is actually Harmonia) ever even existed?   (Is it me or do my storylines sometimes seem confusing when taken out of context?  Anyway…)  So, yeah.  That was nailbiting for me to write and trust me, I received a few emails from readers wanting to know what happened between Eris and Cadmus in the Spiritlands.. Did they or Didn’t they?    My short story will answer that question.  Yay!

My colleagues will be featuring stories about their existing characters, as well.  JL Bryan is writing about a past life of Jenny Pox, Wren Emerson is writing about her characters in I Wish, Amy Maurer Jones is writing about her characters in Soul Quest, Nicole Williams is writing about her characters from  Eternal Eden, Tiffany King is writing about her characters from Meant to Be and Fisher Amelie is writing about characters from The Understorey.

The awesome thing about these writers is that they are SO GOOD, that it doesn’t matter if you’ve read their books yet– you will still be sucked into these short stories.  That’s how talented they are at writing.  I’ve read all of the stories and trust me, they are phenomonal.  So… The Glassheart Chronicles is coming out on August 1 and will be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com.   You can mark it to read on Goodreads now.   I really hope you enjoy it!


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