Blood Like Poison 2 Contest Winner

3 Jun

Okay, so here is something about me. 

I really hate to watch when people lose.   That’s why I don’t watch American Idol- I hate to see so many people trying so hard for one prize– putting their hearts and soul into the contest and only one person can win.  I always feel so sad for the ones who came close, but still lost.

Anyway, hosting this giveaway has been a lot of fun.  I loved reading the wonderful things that everyone said about my friend M. Leighton when you entered the contest.   Every single one of you were right- she totally rocks and her books are awesome.

And the good thing about my giveaway is that no one really lost- it is easy enough for everyone who didn’t win to go to Amazon and pick up a copy of Ms. Leighton’s new book.  And I highly recommend you do, because it’s so awesome! 🙂

But now… the winner of my giveaway…. is…. Ms. Sarah MacFerrin.   Yay, Sarah!  I hope you love the books as much as I do.

Everyone else… thank you so much for entering and for the wonderful comments!   Have a great weekend!!


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