Interview with author, Leesa Birch

5 May


I’d like to thank Leesa Birch, author of the Lake Dweller series, for visiting my website today and answering my long list of questions.  I appreciate it… because inquiring minds want to know!  Okay, let’s face it.  We’re all just nosy.  

  I’ve personally read the first two books in the Lake Dwellers series, Ivy and Deep.  (And looking forward to the third book, just so you know).  They were both fantastic.  How did you come up with the idea for the Lake Dwellers?

 Well you know that conversation you have with your geeky friends, about what super power you’d like? Or which X-men you’d be? Well I always wanted the power to heal. Which is why the Lake Dwellers possess the gift. Also, I’ve always been drawn to water. The sea is a beautiful and scary place. Lakes however, are a more peaceful place and more accessible to the storylines.

Can you explain the basic premise for your series?

  In short, they would best be described as action adventure with a healthy dose of romance and peril. The M.C. Ivy isn’t perfect, neither is she weak.  In learning to deal with an unexpected gift and falling in love, Ivy finds herself getting in and out of more trouble than you can shake a stick at.

  What kind of writer are you?  A Plotter or a Pantser, like me?  (Meaning… do you write to an outline or fly by the seat of your pants?)

 With Ivy, I just wrote like a person possessed. About half way through I decided to think about the plot. Now I have a rough plot idea and just go for it. So 50/50.

  Do you listen to music while you write?

 No I don’t. Unfortunately I need absolute silence while I’m writing, which is difficult with my three cats.

 What do you do for fun… when you aren’t writing?   

  I love reading although I rarely find the time lately. I also love travelling. Getting out there is a must for me as I sometimes have trouble sitting still.

  Who is your favorite character in your books?  Who is the most fun to write?

  Besides, Ivy, Kane would be the obvious choice. But I like Barrett’s character, I can do so much more with him in future books. Also I love writing Gary’s part. He makes me laugh with how he interacts with, Ivy, Kane and Barrett.

 Quick—what’s the best ice cream flavor:  Vanilla or chocolate?

 Chocolate! As long as it’s dairy free.

 And this is very important.   Since you are English, I would like to know if you listen to my very favorite English band, the Arctic Monkeys?  (If not, you totally should).   

  No I don’t. They’re okay, but I like my music a little heavier.

 Have you always wanted to be a writer?

 Not really. I was waiting for my husband and his friend in China to get further with their book. I grew impatient and decided to give it a go myself. Just to see if I could. And I did.

 What is your favorite all-time book?

 Bareback by Kit Whitfield. ( Benighted is the American title.) I love werewolf novels. This one in particular as it’s a reversal. You have a human trying to fit into a werewolf society, instead of a werewolf trying to fit into ours.

 Where can people find you online?  

 Where can they buy your books? 

What is something about you that no one would think to ask?

People rarely ask me about my tattoo’s. I have quite a few, all of which have different meanings to me.

And I’ve got to come up with a 14th question, because I can’t end it on Unlucky 13.   Um.  Oh, I know.   Can you give us any hints on what will happen in your third book, Torn?  (Please, oh please, oh please?)

 Hmmm, Torn. Well there’s a little time travel. One of Barrett’s wives turn up and….  And I’m not telling you anymore. You’ll have to wait and buy the book, ha ha.

Thanks again for being here, Leesa!  I can’t wait until Torn is released! 


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